I have been blessed in many ways, not only helping over 200 children in my orphanage but also raising ten children myself and watching them grow into responsible, focused, and hardworking adults. It is by God’s grace and my family’s support that I managed to do all that and I am so grateful to my husband David who encouraged me not to give up.

For me, there is a distribution of effort and time enabling me to remain upright and steady. To balance work and family means to give yourself equally to both areas without neglecting one over the other. Creating balance does not come naturally but requires organization and discipline. The benefits of a healthy family and a successful career are well worth the effort. My passion is in helping people transform and empower themselves.

I found wisdom and strength to balance my life with all the responsibilities. I’m able to build my network marketing business, lead strong teams, attend meetings, do my school assignments, bring my daughters to cheerleading practices and competitions, as well as make family time.

Here are some ways I found to do my job with more flexibility:

MAUREEN ALICE TORR was awarded Top Recruiter of Year in 2013 by her network marketing company. She is a final year student of Political Science at the University of Saskatchewan. She is President of Joy’s Centre Corporation, an NGO based in Uganda that provides education to students orphaned from HIV/AIDS, malaria, natural disasters, and wars.