As a wife, busy mom of three young boys, and professional network marketer, I always strive for balance, yet find it to be a lofty goal that requires constant course corrections. No matter how successful I may be in one area, if it takes too much time or energy away from other things that are important, it is not healthy or beneficial in the overall scheme of things.

Your idea of balance will depend on your beliefs, values, expectations, and goals. Establish your priorities, then schedule time accordingly. As I set my goals for the year 2014, I wrote specific guidelines for our family to help us stay balanced. Here is what I came up with:

These are just a few ways that have helped me to be a happy and productive wife, mom, and network marketer. May you also find peace and balance in every area of your life.

SARA MARBLE has traded her career as a Registered Nurse for the rewarding life of network marketing. A wife and busy mom, Sara has been able to climb the ranks of her young network marketing company while working part-time from home.