Balance for me is not the goal, but a priority I strive for and set for myself in order to reach my goals. Doing so keeps me focused on what’s truly important when building my network marketing business.

The search for balance was the main reason I joined this profession and what gave me the courage to start all over after twenty years of working in traditional business.

Our fast-paced, competitive lifestyle combined with our all-giving nature makes it harder for women to balance family, personal, professional, and community responsibilities.

Before my network marketing business, I was constantly frustrated that achieving success was taking me farther away from the person I wanted to share it with, my daughter. I tried to make it work as an employee and as an owner, really giving it my all, but found that the traditional business model simply does not promote a balanced life.

One of the most valuable assets a network marketing business offers is the real and rare possibility of achieving balance. This has inspired me to share this vision with every woman out there who may have lost hope or does not even know this option exists, as well as help them reach their dreams.

Balance is not about achieving perfection, it is about getting back to the basics of human nature, such as our need for connection, growth, and contribution.

In the process of building your dream and creating balance in your life, I suggest you start setting aside time for things that give you joy and keep you focused and determined. For me, it is starting early each day with exercise and prayer.

I clear my mind and prioritize the day’s activities I must accomplish in order to build value for my team and grow my business. I cherish the time I can spend each day with my daughter. Sometimes it is only sharing a meal, other days it is working out, reading together, or sharing a good movie and talking about the message.

Whatever we can do together, depending on each day’s possibilities, is very important to me, so I make time for it to happen. I also give myself time for personal and professional development. This inspires me to work with excellence and improve my skills and results, as well as appreciate all the opportunities I am given, which promotes inner balance to grow and pay it forward.

Balance is also recognizing simple everyday moments that give you happiness and fill your heart with passion and purpose.

I am grateful and committed as a network marketer to contribute to the change we so much deserve and need to make for our children, families, and future generations, knowing that together, by living more balanced lives, we can create a better world.

Born and based in Mexico, MARIELA ELORDUY BLACKALLER was a successful
business woman and entrepreneur when she started her network marketing
business in 2010. She won first place in her company’s worldwide business growth
for several years, and today she is one of her company’s top 10 leaders
for Latin America and a top 50 leader worldwide.