It’s our core that keeps us balanced. Years ago it occurred to me there are seven main areas that strengthen my core. Having a strong foundation for who you are as a person is what guides you daily, weekly, and monthly to live a balanced life. Here are seven areas that have been the core for my success.

  1. Spirituality: I know what I believe, I don’t waiver in my belief and I stand for something bigger than myself or others. Not everyone has this confidence in what they believe, so when you are able to stand firm, others notice and sometimes even strive to have that in their lives.
  2. I’m emotionally prepared for the day, most of the time. Yes, we all have bad days, but we need to move past the hurts and disappointments and put things into perspective. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if necessary.
  3. Being physically strong is important for staying balanced. No, I don’t work out massive amounts. What I mean is I’m equipped with the necessary stamina to live my life and help others.
  4. Knowledge: I know what I’m sharing with the world. I am by no means an expert in my field, which is complex and ever evolving with research; however, I know how to use my product, what the benefits are, and where to direct people to if they require additional information.
  5. Adaptability: I know there is a reason for whatever comes my way. When unexpected situations come up, I’m ready to change my plans to assist others. People appreciate a helping hand and being available to assist them during their own unbalanced day is very rewarding.
  6. I’m financially prepared. Throughout our marriage my husband and I have had financial ups and downs, however our commitment to one another and the desire to work through all issues were greater than any financial hick-ups. Investing time and consistency in building financial security is worth every minute.
  7. Preparing your future helps you maintain balance in the days ahead. If you owe someone, pay them. Take care of what’s important so that when the future arrives you don’t have anything hanging over you that can weigh you down and tip you out of balance.

If we seek balance in each area, when one or a couple go out of kilter—and they will—the other ones will help us move forward. Similarly in network marketing, if you utilize the strengths each person has to offer, you create balance within the team. If someone has struggles, and someone will, the rest of your organization can rally to assist them and everyone continues to win.

Living a balanced life can bring about amazing blessings. Take action to strengthen your core areas: spirituality, emotional stability, physical wellbeing, knowledge, ability to adapt, financial and future preparedness.

ROSALIE ELLIOTT has been involved in network marketing since she was eighteen. She was introduced to her current company in 2011. As her family began enjoying the life enhancing benefits of the products, she found that sharing them was very rewarding and advanced to the rank of Blue Diamond in June 2013.