Janine Finney
Network marketing has completely changed my ideas about what it means to live a balanced life. To me, balance is a feeling rather than a certain allocation of time. It’s about being content with the choices I’ve made about how I’ve spent my time at the end of each day, each month, and each year. It’s living without the nagging guilt and regret many women feel when they go to bed at night, wishing they could have done more.

When you have the freedom to choose to be wherever you feel you need to be, and are able to do your work in the hours around those important priorities, it’s extremely empowering! Working no longer feels like a sacrifice, but rather a privilege. Having that kind of freedom and flexibility creates a sense of balance because there’s no longer any resentment about having to be in one place when you’d rather be elsewhere.

Lory Muirhead
My reason for pursuing network marketing has always been about living a more balanced life. However, over the years, my idea of balance has significantly evolved.

At first, balance meant getting out of the corporate world so I could work and play. Once I started a family, balance became more about freedom of choice. My business allowed me to focus on my family while building a team.

This freedom of choice became even more real to me in the past few months. One week after giving birth to my third son, we found out he had a heart condition that required immediate surgery. My entire world stopped in that moment. Nothing else mattered. I could only focus on him and getting through each day, minute by minute. We spent a third of his first sixty days in the hospital. Nothing prepared me for this, but I am so grateful I was able to spend every moment by his side without ever having to ask for time off or risk losing my job. That is the freedom of choice I have so passionately pursued and shared for years, yet never experienced to this extent—until now. Thankfully I was driven by this desire to live a joyful and balanced life. I just had no idea how significant it would become to my family.

JANINE FINNEY and LORY MUIRHEAD are a mother-and-daughter team who have successfully built their businesses side by side for ten years. Janine worked in corporate America doing sales and business development for over thirty years before
starting her network marketing career. Lory has a BA in marketing, communications, and Spanish. In 2011 they coauthored
The Flip-Flop CEO.