As I’m writing, I have a squirmy nine-month-old on my lap. I am a busy mom of six wonderful kids. I am also a top income earner in a fabulous network marketing company.

Twenty years ago I married Wade, the love of my life. Ten months later our first of five daughters was born. At the time, Wade’s goal was to graduate from college. For the next ten years he worked hard and earned his master’s degree in clinical psychology. Along the way, we had three more daughters. To supplement our meager student income, I started an online baby store where I sold pregnancy and baby items I made.

I loved working from home, but my business was time-consuming. I eventually sold it and made a small profit.

Right around that time I was introduced to network marketing. I had some fears—one of them was public speaking. But I thought if others could do it, so could I.

I jumped in with both feet and made a lot of mistakes, which I now call “the best free education.” After falling and getting up many times, I became a top ten income earner in my company.

I was introduced to my current company four years ago. I saw strong leadership and caught the vision of having the right products for the right time, and saw a better compensation plan. I took a huge leap of faith and built a new team.

Thanks to the education I got from my previous experience, I replaced my income in just five months. My husband and I now both do the business full time.

The most important thing I learned is that everything we do should point towards one goal: duplication.

How do I teach duplication? Every time I give a training, I point to a tool—a DVD, a tear sheet, or a brochure—that’s easy for a new person to understand and use. I keep my presentation simple and short. If I make it complicated, people will feel discouraged and not join me.

Balancing family and business can be tricky. There are times where one comes first, and times when the other comes first. Balancing and course correcting is a way of life in our household. I have breastfed my baby while hosting an online webinar. I have done many calls in my PJs after tucking my little ones in bed (hoping they stay in bed). I’m grateful to be raising our kids while earning a six-figure yearly income.

A couple of years ago I learned something that made a huge difference in how I manage my time. A trainer told us she sets aside specific times for phone calls. This may seem obvious, but to me it was a revelation. It allowed me to set my schedule and “turn myself off” from the business. Previously I would feel guilty whenever I spent time with my family, and when I was doing business I would feel bad about not being with the kids.

I teach the women on my team to set their schedule and establish their personal limits. Time freedom is a major benefit of building a networking business.

I also teach my team that this business is family friendly. When Wade and I train in different parts of the world, we often bring our kids along.

Building a networking business offers a level playing field. It comes down to a desire and consistent effort to keep things simple. It provides opportunities for tremendous personal growth and empowers women with financial and time freedom.

Laura is a fitness enthusiast, yoga teacher, and creator of the yoga DVD High on Yoga (updated version will be called Essential Yoga). She has volunteered in the community working with youth, and is passionate about teaching her children and business partners that they can be and achieve anything they set their mind to.