When I was introduced to network marketing, I was working in a job that was sucking the life out of me. Making money from home and being my own boss was something I dreamed about, and I eagerly embraced the business opportunity.

My goal was to quickly earn an income to replace my full-time job, so I immediately immersed myself. It didn’t take long before I realized I had no idea how to build a business. The one thing I did know was that other women were succeeding, and I thought, “If they can, so can I!”

Determined to succeed, I was so focused on my business that, suddenly, my life went out of balance. Any free time I had was spent figuring out what I had to do next. I was consumed by the thought of having a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility, a life I desperately wanted, but it was having the opposite effect—and my health and relationships were compromised.

Today, I’m happy to say I’m living the life of my dreams. I discovered what I needed to do to balance my business and life. My first step was to recognize what was out of balance. If I had known how to accomplish this before starting my business, I would have avoided pain for myself and those around me.

When I gained insight and knowledge, my health and relationships dramatically improved and my business took off. Here are the three main things I learned to do:

  1. Communicate. Clearly convey your intentions to those who will be affected most by you building a business. Don’t assume your family will understand when you devote time and resources to your new venture. To encourage support, tell them how they will benefit from the extra money you will be making.
  2. Plan. We all know, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Use a calendar to schedule time for your business. Be resourceful and get help from someone who has gone before you. Be coachable and open to learning. Remember to also schedule family activities, vacations, special events, and celebrations. This helps to create balance.
  3. Be grateful. Feeling and expressing gratitude brings happiness and more blessings into your life. Give thanks for your family, your friends, and for being introduced to a business that allows you to create a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility. Magic happens each time you express gratitude; the right people and opportunities show up. Practice an attitude of gratitude daily, in the morning and evening, by writing down everything you are grateful for.

For me, balance means being true to my heart and living my life’s purpose while being aligned in my values and beliefs.

JULIE HENDERSON is a coach, speaker and author of Expect Success, Be Unstoppable: A Woman’s Secret Recipe. Passionate about empowering women to create a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility, Julie teaches a simple formula for turning prospects into profit and changing lives.