When I think of balance, an image of my daughter, a competitive gymnast, pops into my head. There she is, standing on that four-inch-wide piece of wood wrapped in leather—Russian coach with a shock of blonde hair chanting over and over in a thick Russian accent, “Focus! Focus!” Every cell in her nine-year-old body is attempting to shut out every other noise and distraction in order to maintain her balance on that beam. This, to me, is the key to balance: applying focus.

As women, we are regaled as multitaskers. I love the image of the mother with eight arms completing every task around the house. That is definitely how it feels sometimes. However, I believe that this image can also undermine our effectiveness and overall happiness. When we apply focus to the present moment and avoid the pothole of attempting to multitask, we have a much better sense of balance.

When I am with a team member who is sharing her vision for her future, I want to drink in that beautiful, sacred moment where something very personal and important is being shared with me.

When I am with my children, taking them to their practices, there is always the tug to get in one more phone call. However, I know that these car rides are sacred, too. Perhaps there is some nugget or new insights they might share—kids seem to do that when we least expect it. Instead of reaching for my phone, I silently remind myself, “Focus, Focus.”

MICHELLE FRASER is a former teacher who is building a
network marketing business with her husband, Jason.
They reside in Dallas with their two children.