Whether you are in network marketing, direct sales, or party plan, customers are the foundation to success in your business.

In network marketing, customers help you build the volume that is required to earn the big money. They not only provide ongoing income for the business builder, they also provide you with a source of referrals. Once they’ve tried your products and tell a friend, you never know who could come into your business.

In direct sales or party plan, customers play an even more important role, as a large part of your earnings comes from commissions on your customers’ purchases.

Regardless of our marketing model, our business works best when we provide a product that’s so good people want to use and purchase it even if they’re not compensated for the sale. This will help you create the sales volume that makes your business successful.

Network Marketing, Direct Sales, or Party Plan
Network marketers focus on growing their business by sponsoring other builders into their organization. We want someone just like us who is willing and ready to find a few customers and a few business builders to grow his business as well. That’s what makes this model work.

Those who are successful talk to many people about their opportunity every day. Out of the people they talk to, only a small percentage will want to become business builders, but many will be interested in trying the product or service and possibly becoming customers. Don’t discount these people. Bring them in as a customer and their product usage will supplement your volume. In fact, the more volume you have, the higher your income. In time, as they come to love the product, many will upgrade to distributor.

Keep in mind that a large number of your team members are not going to be strong builders. But everyone is important to your business. Network marketing is based on finding a lot of people who each do a little. Each of their orders helps build our volume.

If you’re in a direct sales or party plan company, customers are generally easier to acquire. You typically have a consumable product that needs to be replenished, such as skin care or vitamins. This keeps repeat sales coming in to create the volume you desire.

Holding parties is a great way to make the best use of your time by giving a presentation to five to twenty people at once. It’s a great way to get orders, new customers, and find new distributors.

If your company isn’t set up to do parties, there are still lots of ways to find new customers. When I first started my home business, I was with a direct sales company. Here are some tips from my experience to help you find all the customers you need:

  1. Does your company put out a new catalog or brochure on a regular basis? Make sure everyone who has ever purchased from you gets a new catalog every time a new one comes out. If they don’t get a new catalog, they have no reason to purchase, right?
  2. Use your catalog as a way to get new customers and distributors. In my company, we had a new catalog every two weeks. I purchased 1400 catalogs every two weeks. About 500 of them went to current customers, 400 went to new Distributors that I had sponsored to help them get off to a good start, and 500 were used to prospect. Obviously, it’s your decision about how many catalogs you need, how much effort you’re willing to put in, and how quickly you want to grow. But the more action you give, the better results you will get. This is what helped me become a top seller in my company.
  3. Place a contact label and recruiting sticker on every catalog. Every single one of the 1400 catalogs that I gave out had two labels on them. One included my contact information, and the other offered them the opportunity to start their own business. I also included a recruiting flyer inside the catalog. Even current customers got these two labels, and many would come to me much later asking about the opportunity. It takes an average of 5-7 times to see something before someone will consider your opportunity, and they might not have realized they too could earn an income with our products.
  4. Call everyone you gave a catalog to a few days before you place your order to see if they wanted anything. It doesn’t need to be a hard sell; it’s just a reminder call. Simply say, “I was getting ready to place my order and didn’t want to leave you out if you needed anything.” Your customers will appreciate your attention and the fact that you remembered them.
  5. Under promise and over deliver. Be sure that you deliver their product when you promised. Be dependable and efficient and they’ll appreciate your great service. In fact, this is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure referrals from your customers. Happy customers are not afraid to tell their friends about their great Distributor.

Any of these tasks can be automated by using services such as bulk mail and outgoing phone message services. I used these with my business and they freed me up to work with my customers and distributors. You either need money to invest in your business or additional time and effort to overcome your lack of investment funds.

Regardless of your business model, keep in mind that earnings from customer orders give you immediate income. Sponsoring and building your business gives you more income over time but takes time to build. Consider sales your “today” income and team growth your “tomorrow” income. Start off by getting a few customers quickly to help you build momentum!

A professional networker since 2001, LYNN HUBER combines a strong work ethic with big dreams. She serves as a mentor, helping people find success in their own home business. She lives with her husband, Richard, in Utah.
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