The phrase is almost a cliché in our business—and any business. Why? Because it’s true: we live or die by our customers’ verdict of our product or service.

I believe this is where we network marketers have an edge. We know our customers personally and this knowledge is extremely valuable. Traditional companies spend huge amounts of money trying to figure out what’s going on in their potential customers’ minds and hearts in order to create the buy buttons that will trigger them to open their wallets and gladly pay the price. Mass marketing is all about programming the masses into buying something they often don’t need.

I believe the number one way to acquire new customers is to satisfy their needs with the best products in the market place. Our responsibility is to help them see this while not pushing it upon them if our products are not what they really want or need. Marketing with integrity is the only way to build a business for the long haul. When someone feels they were suckered into a deal, they will be actively looking for a way out and talking badly about the person who sold them.

The whole idea of network marketing is for many to find a few personal customers, which ends up creating a huge customer base for the company. This is the focus of our company’s fast-start strategy. In the long term, we strive for a 1:50 ratio, meaning every business partner serves fifty customers.

We encourage customer growth by creating a win-win situation: customers who help their respective business partners grow their customer base thru referrals will eventually earn their own products for free. We create a culture known for its contribution to the customer through outstanding products and service, to our business partners through the time and financial freedom the business gives them, and to the community and country through the leadership we promote and exemplify.

Keeping our customers happy is the responsibility of each business partner who “owns” the customer, but also of the company’s sales department through exemplary customer service. Giving a customer a sample of our latest new product can go a long way, but when serious issues arise it is good to have the help of the company and let it do the heavy lifting. Short term this can eat some of our profits, but in the long term it will create more profits for everyone.

Being in a social business, our edge is the personal relationship we have with our customers. Our goal is to create value for everyone who crosses our path. With our entire being we promote this value through our character. If customer is king, character is queen!

VIDAR HAUGAN resides in Oslo, Norway, but has his eyes set on the world. A law enforcement officer, he spends his free time building his future as a network marketing professional and local politician for the Progress Party.