Customer retention is the name of the game when it comes to increasing sales in your business. Here are a few of my favorite statistics:

Why aren’t we doing better when we know “the fortune is in the follow-up”?

After polling hundreds of home business owners, I developed a theory: the reason is follow-up is hard.

Let me share some fun ways to follow up and connect with your customers that are not hard. Your customers will be so blown away they will be reaching out to you.

First, create a short survey for your customers. A lot of people and companies send out surveys, but they are always about the company and their products. You need to do a different kind of survey. Ask questions about your customers’ lives, hobbies, and dreams. Offer them the chance to win a raffle or a gift card or a basket full of goodies if they fill out the survey. People love the chance to win a raffle. Here are some sample questions to ask:

When you get the responses back, use them to create great customer follow-up.

Email people pictures of their dream vacation and encourage them to go because they deserve a little “me time.” Send them something fun on their birthday. Find a great article about their favorite hobby and forward it to them. See how doing these things can lead to great customer retention? People love to feel special and that you care.

Don’t just send something on your customer’s birthday; send something on their half birthday too! You may be reading this twice, but you read it right. How many people do you know who celebrate someone’s half birthday? No one I know. It’s a brilliant way to connect with your customers without selling them something while surprising them at the same time. Just send a card or a fun email and I guarantee you will get responses. Plus, they will be talking about you and your business to their families and friends because you have now stood out from a sea of competitors.

Use and share these fun and creative ideas with your team to create great customer retention and you will start to see your business soar!

JEN FITZGERALD is a relationship building and follow-up pro. She is the founder and owner of The Client Angel, a tool used by business owners worldwide to attract and retain more customers. Visit and grab Jen’s free e-book, 12 Ways to Make Your Customers Love You so Much They Invite You on Vacation with Them.