I love my home party business. We build relationships in three different categories: customers, hosts, and team members. People often move back and forth between the three.

We start off by encouraging our most enthusiastic customers to become hosts, which introduces us to more potential customers, who in turn may become hosts and team members. It’s an important piece of our business plan to let our customers know we care about them beyond the moment they give us their credit card. I do most of my customer follow up by email, because the majority of my customers are busy moms likely to only have down time late at night.

In my monthly newsletter to all customers, I have started a “giving back” program where I donate a percentage of reorders to a different charity each month. I also send a personal email to each customer after they have received their products, inviting them to ask me any questions (and of course reminding them of the benefits of hosting a demo or joining my team). Finally, I organize an annual Customer Appreciation party at a local wine store, offering an opportunity to connect in person.

LOUISA DYKSTRA loves that she can both be a full-time mom and classroom volunteer, and earn a full-time income as a direct selling leader who helps others succeed beyond their wildest dreams.