Customers are the mortar that holds together a network marketing organization. “Wouldn’t that distinction go to the distributors?” you may ask yourself. The answer is, you need both.

If you think of networking organizations as buildings, your distributors are the bricks and your customers are the mortar. Without both your building would not withstand the elements. There are several compelling reasons why customers help to hold up your building.

Many people get involved with a company because they fall in love with the products. This experience leads many customers to refer others to your product or opportunity. Loyal customers also become loyal distributors. When someone joins because of the products, they often become “lifers” because they fall in love with a particular company and not just the income potential inherent to all companies.

When we help our distributors understand that developing loyal customers can lead to future business, and we demonstrate this in our own personal business, we build more stable teams and a more duplicable system. 

Having been in the networking profession for over ten years, I have seen time and again how stabilizing customers can be. Our business runs in cycles. There are times when new distributors are joining in herds. However, these waves of momentum don’t last forever. During the ebbs, customer volume sustains your organization because loyal customers continue to make purchases regardless of the ebb and flow of recruiting.

Put another way, if the majority of your volume is coming from new distributors, when recruiting slows down your volume drops dramatically.

There is another element of our business customers can impact, which is attrition. Distributors quit. If we have demonstrated how to build loyal customers, two things happen. Distributor volume doesn’t go away with the distributor because it is customer backed. The distributor also remains a loyal customer because we have taught them the products are worth buying.

Our profession is based on building relationships, serving others, and helping them achieve results whether it’s through the opportunity or our products. Focusing solely on recruiting and not spending time building client relationships is a strategic mistake, like piling up bricks without mortar.

Value your customers, as they are the key to a thriving, sustainable business.

LAURA HARRY was a high-powered executive in the financial industry
and raising a family when another mom introduced her to network marketing
on a school field trip. Laura decided to do the business when
her position of thirteen years at the bank was eliminated.