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01/08/14 W
Sandy Botkin
Save Money with Your Home Biz by Lowering Your TaxesBig Time
01/15/14 W
Ray Higdon

How to Recruit More Reps into Your MLM

01/22/14 W
Garrett McGrath

ANMP Series: Conversations with the Masters

01/29/14 W
Sonia Stringer
Six-Figure Strategies for Network Marketing Women
02/05/14 W
Scott Burnett, Esq.
When Is the Right Time to Start a Corporation or an LLC?
02/12/14 W
Sandy Gallagher
Visioneering: Tell Me What You Want, I’ll Show You How to Get It
02/19/14 W
Garrett McGrath
ANMP Series: Conversations with the Masters
02/26/14 W
Steve Wiltshire
8 Recruits in 8 Weeks: The Power of What Can Be

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Sample Course Descriptions of Upcoming Webinars:

SCOTT BURNETT, Esq.: When Is the Right Time to Start a Corporation or an LLC? (Wednesday, February 5)
Are you paying too much in taxes? Most home business owners are not maximizing their earnings because of their business structure, which determines how the money you make is taxed. Sole proprietorships, corporations, and LLCs all have benefits, but do you know what they are? In this webinar, you will discover how you owe taxes differently in these different structures so you can decide what’s best for you.

SANDY GALAGHER: Visioneering: Tell Me What You Want, I’ll Show You How to Get It (Wednesday, Febuary 12)
This webinar will give you a totally different perspective on visioneering. You’ll receive specific direction on how to utilize both the conscious and subconscious mind for the purpose of originating an image of your heart’s desire followed by specific direction on how to lawfully aid in its manifestation. You will learn how to employ your higher faculties to create tangible results.

STEVE WILTSHIRE: 8 Recruits in 8 Weeks: The Power of What Can Be (Wednesday, February 26)
Join direct sales expert Steve Wiltshire for a jam-packed hour of success secrets that can greatly increase your recruiting results this spring. Imagine an effortless way to share your business opportunity that is authentic, engaging, and impactful. Steve will train you on his proven recruiting blueprint that has placed many of his clients among the top-ten recruiter positions within their company.

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