In network marketing, we get to positively impact people’s lives on a daily basis. Through simple conversations, products and services, financial compensation, and personal development, we have the privilege of enriching people’s lives. There’s no business or profession like it.

What is really exciting is that we also have the opportunity to do so much more. In 2001 we retired to live off the residuals from our network marketing business. We wanted to be there for our children when they were young, but more than that, we wanted to engage in service activities. For us, philanthropy starts in our own backyard. In addition to neighborhood, waterway, and beach cleanup projects, we fostered connections with the homeless and the disadvantaged in our own city.

It’s important to us to engage on a global level as well. We wanted to empower and equip people to take action to improve their own lives in developing countries. One of the first projects we contributed to was helping a village get oxen, tools, and seed to grow their own food. Lois’ parents have done mission work in Mozambique, Africa for over twenty-five years. Our family has visited a few times. Together with Lois’ parents, we established Reach Africa Foundation to carry out educational and community work in that country and to provide a means for others to contribute.

In Mozambique, education is critical in breaking the cycle of poverty, but basic childcare is often a more urgent need. Orphans and vulnerable children live on their own or in extended family units where resources and adult supervision are scarce. In households where the caregivers must spend long hours to eke out a living, children as young as two and three are left to their own devices throughout the day. Older children are unable to attend school because they lack the necessary documentation or they are already too far behind. We’ve been able to participate in the operation and growth of two child development centers to give these vulnerable children the pre-literacy skills they need to enter the school system. These centers also provide a meal each day, bathing facilities, a community library, and basic training in life and vocational skills.

Three years ago, when we came back to work our business fulltime, we brought our passion for service with us. Today, we encourage associates new and old to set giving goals as well as getting goals. It’s thrilling to see our team looking for ways to give of their time and resources. Sometimes in our local and regional meetings we invite people to contribute to a local humanitarian organization and then leaders offer to match what is given.

Our passion is to spark and support positive change. We look for ways to do that with every individual we meet, and with neighborhoods and villages across town and half way around the world.

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