Capitalism 24902
Dr. Josephine Gross
In the preface of Screw Business as Usual, Richard Branson introduces the concept of Capitalism 24902, named after the number of miles that make up the circumference of the earth. He calls it “a vision that entails a new level of responsibility to people and planet on the part of every one of us, as well as a commitment by business, government, and not-for-profit organizations to work together in order to develop solutions to our most pressing challenges.” Known for their philanthropic bent, network marketers are part of this emerging movement. Once they reach their personal goals, they use this foundation to reach out beyond their own teams and companies to help society at large, be it through charitable giving, volunteering, mentoring, or raising awareness around social and environmental issues.

Look Me in the Eyes
Marvin Brown
Trust is at the core of every type of business transaction. When you’re inviting a prospect to a presentation, for example, he or she needs to feel that you’re trustworthy before accepting your invite. If you’re asking a customer to buy your product or service, gaining that buyer’s trust has to come before you even start to pitch your offering. How do you get a new acquaintance or relative stranger to trust you? The best way is by using body language. There are many elements of body language, including things like where you stand (closely vs. far away), how you move your hands and arms, how you stand (with arms open or arms crossed), and much more. However, this article focuses on three of the most basic and important elements of body language: your facial expression, your eye contact, and your handshake.

Italy: La Dolce Vita for Network Marketing?
Alessandro Ghidini
Since direct selling was introduced in Italy in the late fifties, it has enjoyed excellent acceptance by both business builders and consumers. This is due to the country’s intrinsic factors: its culture of open-mindedness, its propensity to independent commercial activities, and its 60.8 million inhabitants spread across the territory in densely populated areas facilitate relationships and personal interaction. Not surprisingly, Italy is seeing a constantly growing presence of both national and international direct selling companies doing the equivalent of over $3.24 billion, making Italy the third country in Europe in terms of sales volume and the sixth country based on the number of consultants, estimated at 406,000. Direct sales is the only economic sector in Italy that for ten consecutive years has been growing, even during times of overall economic slowdown and increased unemployment.

What Goes Around, Comes Around
Ron Forrester and Leslie Hocker
Social entrepreneurism is especially effective in partnership with the home-based business model. Why? Because of the leveraging that takes place at the grassroots level when individuals take personal responsibility to change some segment of society and truly make a difference by collectively changing the system—which sometimes happens rather quickly. We can observe the effects of this collective difference by examining programs that have already produced results through this type of partnership. Many direct selling companies contribute in large measure, from the biggest billion-dollar giants to brand-new start-ups. By providing an avenue for individuals to contribute personally to collective change, these companies create the ultimate win-win-win scenario: the cause wins, the company wins, and individuals win at every level.