In 2007, I had just finished the first Glasgow Duck Race for charity and was contemplating whether to run another one, when my friend Sue Cassidy called to ask me to join her network marketing business.

I remember telling her I had no time. I had my daughter’s wedding and the next fundraising event to organize. I also remember her telling me that I needed to find the time, because this business opportunity could help my charity. 

Once I started my business, I was juggling fundraising work with building my network marketing team. One night I went out for dinner with a friend, a self-made millionaire and charity fundraiser, and shared with him how hard I was working on my charity and my new business. My friend simply asked me, “Wouldn’t it make more sense to put 100 percent of your efforts into your business until you get to the point where you can simply write a check for the charity without expanding all the energy it takes to fundraise in a down economy?”

It was genius. Two birds with one stone!

Within a year of building my network marketing business, I was able to pay for a Variety Sunshine Coach and hand it over to the Variety Club of Scotland. This coach belonged not just to me, it belonged to all the people who had joined my team or simply switched from buying their usual brand of personal care products to purchasing our company’s products.

Why on earth isn’t every charity jumping on board to bring in funds this way? In a broken economy like we are experiencing in the U.K., it’s harder than ever to fundraise. As the expression goes, charity begins at home, and once people take care of their own families, there often is nothing left. Coupling network marketing with charity means that you can simply shift your existing spending and support your preferred charity. As your business grows, so does your charitable contribution.

Through network marketing, we are creating a community with a heart. I have seen countless top earners in our business fund whole villages, schools, and hospitals. No wonder network marketing is such a positive place to be!

CAROLINE MCFARLAN and her daughter Emma were featured in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Networking Times. A mother-daughter team based in Scotland, they are top leaders and trainers for their company in the U.K.