Only in network marketing can a flight attendant with average skills and an extraordinary drive become a millionaire. With persistent and consistent action, and a commitment to learn and grow, this became my reality.

Having met many of my material goals, such as my home on the water and my dream car, I asked myself, “What’s next?”

I’ve always had a heart for serving women and children in the developing world. While I had the willingness to contribute, I never had the means, until I discovered the way through this profession.

I started making mission trips to Haiti to work in impoverished villages where love was plentiful, but the essentials of everyday life were lacking.

I continued to ask myself, how can I do more? Why did God pick a little girl from India (me) to live in a land of abundance (Canada)? How can I be a conduit for other girls and women who weren’t given the same opportunities?

This past year I became aware of my cousin Dr. Auburn Jacob’s work in Andhra Pradesh, India. He has dedicated his life to performing restorative and amputation surgeries on children and adults with leprosy. I am now able to participate in his mission to ensure that the girls, who easily become “throw-away” children, have the same opportunities as others in their villages.

My why is now centered around philanthropy and assisting women and families to sustain themselves rather than rely on donations. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to help them through the profession of network marketing.

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The Emmaus Referral Hospital was founded and sponsored by
Leprosy Relief Work of Emmaus Switzerland in 1977.