We are living in a remarkable time of transition. The well-being of our planet, our economy, our communities, and our families require that we move our focus from “me” to “we.”

To most of us, it feels more fulfilling and natural to be a giver than a getter. Studies show that having fewer possessions actually makes us happier. As we become more conscious and awaken to being part of a larger global community, we look for ways to be of greater service.

I’m deeply grateful to belong to a former network marketing company that is now fully embracing social entrepreneurism. With this transition, I believe we are stepping into our larger purpose and the destiny we were meant to fulfill.

My personal glimpse into social entrepreneurism began in 1984 when I was raising my children while teaching and leading groups through a spiritual non-profit center I had cofounded in Denver. One of the consultants to our Center intuited that someday I would “feed the hungry.” She said it was not about opening soup kitchens; my enterprise would be global. I found her prediction intriguing and stored it away in my mind, only to have it retrieved and realized now, almost thirty years later.

My partner and I have been with our company for nineteen years. We have enjoyed success on many levels and been proud to support people through our health products in twenty-four countries. In addition, we have provided free product to malnourished children in orphanages on every continent, in more than eighty countries.

The economic challenges to our non-profit for feeding the children along with the effectiveness of our nutritional products triggered a change in our business model. Crisis can be an evolutionary driver. Our founder saw that by combining what we already had in place—our real-food technology, our for-profit, a sustainable funding model, and our not-for-profit commitment to helping children—we could create a new model to address the tremendous ongoing needs of malnourished children around the world, all while enhancing the lives of our existing and future consumers and associates.

The memory of having been told that someday I would be “feeding the hungry” rushed to the forefront of my mind the first few times our founder spoke of social entrepreneurism. I wept with gratitude at the recognition that my personal destiny had found its home as part of our company’s larger destiny. The timing was right. All the necessary elements for meeting the health needs of millions had come together.

Stepping into social entrepreneurism has reignited my passion and also created more meaningful conversations with others about fulfilling their dreams. I’m grateful for the opportunity to make my contribution as a social entrepreneur in our rapidly changing world.

MARION CULHANE is a top earner in her company, a founding member of the Associate Advisory Council, and a recipient of her company’s Giving Spirit Award.