One of the purposes for which we were put on this earth is to make a difference in the lives of those who would have no chance unless we showed up. My first why in this business was getting out of debt, however I have always known that the money coming through my hands was not just for my benefit, but also to bless others, so I started giving from my first paycheck.

As my income grew, so did my vision for the difference I could make in the world. If you were given the opportunity to build this business, it’s because there is a calling in your life to make a big impact!

Several years ago I traveled to Africa for the first time and realized how far our money could go in that continent. I started sharing my vision to change Africa with my team and sidelines. I couldn’t believe how fast people jumped on board to be a part of my mission!

People everywhere are yearning to find genuine causes to which they can contribute. When a leader they trust says, “This is a great cause. When you give your money, it will go exactly where they say it will,” they are all in! As a leader, I am cheating the world if I don’t find something that makes my heart beat faster and share it with those I lead.

Several years ago I organized a retreat for 700 leaders and twenty-five of them committed to traveling to Zambia with me that summer. I knew that if they saw it with their own eyes, they would say, “We have to do something about this!” That trip created the ripple that started a tidal wave in our team. Ever since, hundreds of orphans have been sponsored, schools have been built, and two of my leaders are raising money to build an orphanage. We’ve raised money at our meetings, through online auctions, hosting “parties with a purpose,” and even organized a 5K run at our convention. We are changing Zambia one child at a time.

My company’s founder always said, “When women become millionaires, the world becomes a better place.” There are many men in our company today, so I now say, “When people with a heart to make a difference become millionaires, the world becomes a better place.” Let’s focus on becoming millionaires, not just for houses, cars, trips, and luxuries, but because there are people in the world waiting for us to step up, people who will never be given the opportunity to get out of their situations unless we show up in their lives!

Find the “thing” that makes your heart beat fast and causes you to say, “This is not okay with me!” Then use your influence to do something about it. As it says in the Bible, “You have been elevated to this position for such a time as this.”

CECILIA STOLL has been a top earner in her network marketing company for over ten years. Support her cause at