What literally started as “just an idea” to help me find a little holiday cheer has now spread to hundreds of friends throughout the world.

In 2004, with only five days to go till Christmas, I sent a short email to my friends describing how much my first bike meant to me, and how I wanted to give as many bicycles as I could to deserving children who wouldn’t be able to experience the joy of getting their first bike. 

The email resulted in generous, amazing friends contributing about $6,000 in a matter of hours. Instantly, my idea became a reality. We decided to have an elf party to assemble the bikes and seventeen people with a million other things on their to-do lists gathered at my house on short notice. We put together sixty-three bikes until late into the night. The next day we packed them into a rental truck and took them to the Kids in Distress organization that houses abandoned and abused children in Fort Lauderdale.

What followed was an incredible, memorable experience for all who witnessed it. Holiday cheer never felt so good as we watched the kids take off, some fast and furious, others with caution, all wobbly at first, tipping over, falling down, scraping knees, but all getting back up over and over again. (Isn’t this how we all start our network marketing business?)

Then out of nowhere, they begin to ride with confidence, then with even more success as we cheered them on, and finally with pride.

Because of network marketing and the friends I have made around the world, the idea spread to twelve countries last year and thousands of bikes were donated to children looking for that first, shiny taste of freedom.

Isn’t freedom what we are all looking for?

A top earner in his company, BILLY LOOPER was featured
in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of
Networking Times.
Support his cause at www.SantasBikeForce.com.