When I began my network marketing career, I was a kindergarten teacher who made an impact on the lives of the children in my classroom. Yet I always had a dream of influencing many children’s lives around the world. Network marketing became the vehicle that provided us with the time freedom to volunteer and travel, as well as the financial freedom to contribute to causes that aligned with this vision.

We recently traveled with friends to open up several orphanages in India. The entire time we remarked that if it weren’t for our network marketing business, we wouldn’t have been able to take the time off from work—much less afford the cost of travel alone.

It takes time and resources to make a great impact on the world, which is why I believe many social entrepreneurs are attracted to the network marketing profession. Just on my team, we have many stories of people who are helping orphans, adopting children, feeding the hungry, and contributing to outstanding causes. Our company holds nominations for special awards at our conventions to highlight the stories of those who are changing lives in a significant way.

To be truly successful in the networking profession, we must have a passion to change lives beyond our own. You pour your time and talent into those you mentor to help them find their purpose. As you obtain your own success you now have the time and resources to serve a greater purpose in the world.

My husband and I retired from our traditional careers in our twenties thanks to network marketing. People often ask us, “You could retire from your network marketing business today—what keeps you going?”

My response is, there are still many more adult lives to be changed through our business, and there are many more little children’s lives to change all around the world. Network marketing is the vehicle that will take us there. Not to mention, we are having far too much fun!

SARAH FAIRLESS ROBBINS became a top earner in network marketing in her twenties. She and her husband Phil support underprivileged children through a foundation funded by their network marketing business.
Sarah is a board member of the ANMP.