When I joined network marketing, I was a single mother with three teenage children, and about to lose my house. I put all my energy and determination into my new business, thrilled to have found a means to support my family and still spend time with my children. It became the answer to my prayers: not only did I save my home, I put all three children through college, renovated the house, traveled around the globe, at times with my children, and also purchased a second home!

Not long after I started my business, my longtime friend, Christian Drapeau, happened to mention a charitable organization close to his heart. I looked into Baan Unrak, an international, third-world children’s home in Thailand that takes in abandoned children from neighboring Burma—children who would otherwise be exploited or submitted to the sex-slave trade.

Baan Unrak started when an Italian woman noticed a young child wandering alone and lost in the jungle, and took her into her home. Little by little, other abandoned children found their way to Didi, as this compassionate Italian woman is now known.

Today Baan Unrak houses 130 children and some of their single mothers who help take care of the children. The children are fed, clothed, educated, and kept in a safe and loving environment. They grow their own crops, weave their own material, and sell Thai-inspired clothing to the Western market to provide income to keep the sanctuary functioning, in addition to much needed donations.

Thanks to the steady income from my network marketing business, I’m now able to support this incredibly worthwhile endeavor with both time and money. On my last trip, I took along my mother, a textile artist from the Netherlands, who will be working with Baan Unrak’s weaving and sewing center to broaden their enterprise.

MARIJKE LONG is a top earner in an international network marketing company.
Support Marijke’s cause at www.baanunrak.org.
To purchase the unique Thai fisherman inspired pants, visit www.buconscious.com.
To sponsor a child, visit www.oneworld-foundation.org.