My wife and I have always led a life of giving—either inviting the needy into our home, or through the many ministries, schools, and charities we support. When I retired from teaching, I decided to move my entire retirement fund to a “guaranteed” investment opportunity. Soon we were thrilled to see our dollars triple in worth—so much so that we began shopping for a property to donate to Joni & Friends, one of our favorite charities.

Then, the unthinkable happened. We lost every penny through the dishonesty of a greedy individual. Thankfully we had managed our finances throughout our careers and our house was debt-free. However, social security did not provide enough to cover our basic expenses, so we had to rely on our children to afford the real estate taxes for our home. Almost overnight, we went from a comfortable retirement, with enough extra money to donate to our beloved charities, to barely surviving.

That is when opportunity knocked, in the form of a network marketing business. I realized that although I had no control over other people’s lives, I did have control over my own.

Network marketing changed our lives both physically, through the products, and financially. We quickly moved up the ranks in the compensation plan, becoming healthier and wealthier with each passing month. Now, we are once again able to pursue our life’s purpose, which is to help those in need. No longer limited by social security income, we are living our dreams.

Our network marketing business allows us to donate both money and time to our various charities, which include ten missionaries, a prison ministry, a correction center ministry, bible distribution to eleven schools on the Yukon River, and a Child Evangelism Fellowship. Merlie and I each sponsor two children through World Vision Orphans, and just recently, we helped build three homes in Tijuana, Mexico.

At home, Merlie provides coffee gatherings in our neighborhood. She also bakes home-made goodies for neighbors and people in need. She is well known for her banana bread, which people call “slices of love.”

The man who swindled us out of our hard-earned retirement fund now resides in a federal penitentiary, serving out a life sentence. As far as we are concerned, we have forgiven him.

Merlie and I feel grateful even for the hardships, which actually served to bring our family together and made us stronger than ever. We live every day to the fullest and never take life for granted. In August, we celebrated our fifty-eight wedding anniversary.

Our message to all: Take control of your life. Working for yourself will bring you and your family “multilevel” benefits!

DENNY and MERLIE KLUVER joined their network marketing company in 2006 while both in their seventies. They quickly became top earners and today their organization spans twenty-five countries and five continents.