Network marketing as a business and a community has taught us many wonderful lessons. We have learned that every person was carefully put on this earth with an abundance of talents for a specific purpose.

Each of you was put here to do something extraordinary. From the day you were born until now, you have made many thousands of choices and you have had thousands of experiences. Hopefully, you have learned much from them, just as we have.

How many times have you said to yourself, “Why am I here on this earth?”

If you have, what was the answer you received?

We have asked that question countless times and we have gotten the same answer each time: we are here to embrace and promote our purpose, which is to use our unique talents and gifts to serve others.

We feel that this is a great privilege. We are here to grow, progress, and become better people. We are here to lift others, to raise their standards of living, to ease their burdens, and to help them discover their purpose.

In order to do so, we like to support many charities, including:

Network marketing has given us many opportunities to share our abundance forward with others. Being able to do this year after year has brought us true joy and happiness. We know there is much more to do and network marketing has provided us the vehicle to contribute even more.

TONY and RANDI ESCOBAR are top earners in their network marketing company and lead an organization of well over a million members. They have helped create over 90 million-dollar earners within their own team so far. Tony and Randi are the only network marketers in history to receive a Congressional Commendation from the House of Representatives of the United States and fourteen Gubernatorial Commendations.