Everyone knows, leaders are readers and learners are earners. Out of the thousands of books being published every month, how do you decide which ones to read? At Networking University we ask our faculty for their recommendations and present them in this column. Here are some resources that will help you grow as a leader, build your success, and keep you entertained in the process.

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Dream Catcher
When Personal Development Becomes Business
By Peter Andreas Sorensen and Carsten Graff (2012)
Reviewed by Hilde and Ørjan Sæle

Are you a “dream catcher”? At first we didn´t understand the expression so our answer was yes. Of course we want to reach our dreams. DonĀ“t we all? But according to Peter Sorensen, a dream catcher is something more and has two sides to it.

In the first part of the book, Peter raises the questions, “Do you truly know your dreams? Or are you chasing the wants, needs, and desires that society, friends and family project onto you as the targets you should reach?”

The other side of a dream catcher is helping or becoming an inspiration for others around you so they can start searching and chasing their dreams again.

With humor and witty stories Peter relates the process of becoming a dream catcher in his own life. Danish philosopher Carsten Graff asks Peter thought-provoking questions which challenge readers to take a critical look at their own thinking.

Through interesting conversations Peter has with his mentors and business partners, this book shows you what it’s like to be a dream catcher and achieve your full potential.

After reading the book we realized no matter how good we are at dreaming, we can always develop ourselves into even better dream catchers.


How to Meet and Talk to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
Simple Strategies for Great Conversations
By Marvin Brown (2013)

Most people fear meeting and talking to strangers. The reason is, they don’t know how to do it! Communication expert Marvin Brown says speaking effortlessly with others is easy to learn and will not only help your business but also make your journey through life more fulfilling.

In his new book, Brown presents dozens of fresh, simple ways to navigate through any type of scenario that involves talking to people. Here are some skills you will learn:

  • Bounce from small talk to an interesting conversation any time you want.
  • Never be at a loss for words or subjects to talk about, even at a party where you don’t know anyone.
  • Start conversations with people you really want to meet, socially or professionally.
  • Extract yourself from conversations with bores, windbags, know-it-alls, or negative people.

Whether you want to learn how to give or receive a compliment, use body language to convey different messages, or take criticism well, this book provides invaluable tips and techniques for networkers, salespeople, shy people, and anyone who has ever experienced an uncomfortable moment or missed an opportunity in a conversation.


Rock Your Network Marketing Business
How to Become a Network Marketing Rock Star
By Sarah Fairless Robbins (2013)
Recommended by Doug Firebaugh

In her brand new book, top network marketing leader Sarah Robbins shares her real life journey of how she went from being a shy kindergarten teacher to earning a six-figure monthly income by the age of twenty-nine.

Even though she started her business with no network marketing experience, through her commitment to personal and professional growth Sarah was able to establish a system that led others on her team to achieve six and seven-figure success.

As a former educator, Sarah has a passion for sharing her learning to help others achieve their goals through network marketing. Rock Your Network Marketing Business will allow you to discover the exact system she uses to train her team, teaching you how to:

  • Powerfully prospect and fill your network marketing funnel;
  • Present your opportunity and products in a compelling way;
  • Handle the toughest objections and lead your prospects to a close;
  • Effectively enroll new distributors and get them off to a fast start;
  • Build (and keep) a large customer base;
  • Develop advanced leadership skills to take you to the top!

Rock Your Network Marketing Business can help men and women (of any age, level of experience, or company) to increase their income, accelerate their efforts, and build a solid, sustainable, legacy business.

“Sarah’s book is a life-changing gift to our profession,” says Doug Firebaugh. “Get a copy for yourself, and for each person on your team now and as they join!”


90 Days to Win
MLM Prescription to Cure a Slow Start
By Ørjan Sæle (2013)
Reviewed by Art Jonak

Ørjan Sæle’s 90 Days to Win is a handy introductory book for the new networker on your team. Instead of offering an intimidating training manual, Ørjan cuts to the chase by explaining the business simply and effectively. He covers basic principles and common verbiage of network marketing and provides hints on how to better execute meetings and calls.

Conceived as an action-list guide, 90 Days to Win is full of real life examples and peppered with history and facts about network marketing. This makes it a compelling book for those on the fence about working the business, and provides a well thought out map for them to follow within their first ninety days.

Ørjan cleverly guides the new networker by teaching universal success skills, however he qualifies his advice by urging readers to follow their upline and company’s practices. While Ørjan makes new networkers aware of the work necessary to build a great business, he also inspires and motivates them with encouraging stories along the way. He even provides an entire chapter on facing objections, one of the largest obstacles beginning networkers face.

Succinct and easy to read, this little book can be a powerful stepping stone for anyone new to network marketing who wants to see results fast.