Hundred Percent Responsible
Dr. Josephine Gross
Some of you may have been catapulted into the world of entrepreneurship by circumstance. Perhaps you got divorced or became a single parent; or you lost your job or became disenchanted with it. Even if you are a born entrepreneur, know that many of your current or potential business partners are in the thick of major transition. Leaving the perceived security of economically depending on a government, an institution, or a corporation, they are entering a state of financial autonomy, self-sufficiency, and radical accountability. Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy—most of us feel unprepared. Thankfully, in our business we are never alone.

Andreas Papakostas, I believe your entrepreneurial skills will develop when you know exactly what you want and why you want it.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Entrepreneurship education cannot be taught or learned by rote. It needs some level of experiential involvement. Ultimately, it is about playing the game of life.

Jamie Messina, If you stop doing the actions that provided your success, you may not feel it today or tomorrow, but the lack of consistency will catch up to you and erode your income.

Ann Feinstein, I shared my dream with one of my corporate mentors, who patted me on the shoulder and said: “Ann, the only security you will ever have in life is what you create for yourself.”

Power Up Your Meetings
Joe Heaps and Dave Reed
To create a successful event—one that encourages conversations and interactions between the organizers, speakers, and attendees—you must use technology. If you don’t adopt current and new technology options in your live events, your attendees will notice and find ways to use them without you. This article lists a few technologies to consider as you plan your next event. Some are best used before the event to help you prepare so everything comes together smoothly, while others are designed to be used during the event.

7 Habits of Happier People
Mark Fournier
Studies show that the most profitable investment we can make in our organization isn’t in technology; it’s in creating happier, more empowered team members. Although it is important to understand what makes us happier, this isn’t enough; we must consistently apply our understanding if we want consistent results. Where do you find proven support systems for creating happier habits? The empowerment community, training, and mentorship that come with being part of a network marketing organization are a great starting point. The best way to form habits is taking any lesson or skill you wish to master and immediately applying it to your life, then teaching others that which you wish to master.

Patrick S. Tulloch, Achieving success is not an event, but a process that develops over time, similar to your traditional education. Stay focused, keep the end in mind, and adopt a never-quit attitude.

Kim Klaver, To ace an exam one needs to be driven to get it right according to someone else’s rules. Entrepreneurs experiment according to their own rules.

Evan Klassen, I was broke and desperate so I took a huge gamble and raised $20,000 to attend an entrepreneur school. This provided the foundation for the rest of my life.

Keith Kochner, Entrepreneurship is like running a marathon. Determine a pace for yourself to run your race, because if you don’t, you will fall flat on your face. 

United Kingdom: A Business Alternative for Your and Old
Lynda Mills
Direct selling in the UK is a thriving business sector that contributes the equivalent of over £2 billion ($3 billion USD) to the national economy each year. This recent growth is partly due to the country’s stagnant economy. Direct selling offers an alternative to traditional employment, offering people the opportunity to be their own boss and work flexibly. The first direct selling company started operating in the UK in 1959. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the UK DSA and its members companies, public perception about direct selling and multilevel marketing is improving, but continued positive press is needed to make people aware of the nature and legitimacy of the business model.

You Are Enough
Joe Garcia
The self development industry can create the belief that we are not (good) enough right now, thus feeding our mindset the idea that the next book or program will provide the major breakthrough we have been looking for. The truth is, we have within us everything we need to be successful—the tools, the brains, the ability to manifest our dreams. Go out today with this awareness while building your business, and let your next personal development book, audio program, or seminar simply remind you that you are great, you are incredible, you can succeed now. Start teaching this belief to your teams and you will harvest greatness.