Word Find
The answers to the clues may be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards and backwords.

  1. Most of us are programmed with an _______ mindset, which is a recipe for failure in network marketing.
  2. When transitioning from a job to a home business, your mantra should be adapt, adjust, _______.
  3. If you stop doing what provided you with success, the lack of consistency will catch up to you and _______ your income.
  4. Jim Rohn said, “Always work harder on ______ than you work on your business.”
  5. Ken Seto’s role model for becoming an ambassador of his profession is _______.
  6. Entrepreneur comes from the French verb entreprendre, meaning “to _______.”
  7. If your event attendees can’t access the _______, they’ll leave the conference area to do so.
  8. _______ learning is one of the top 10 entrepreneurial skills.
  9. For Lisa Seto, being at events, whether local meetings or conferences, was the best _______.
  10. Entrepreneurship is the process of discovering new ways of combining and employing resources and managing risks toward an objective of _______.
  11. Recently the UK has seen a boom in the number of _______ people in direct selling.
  12. As long as we show respect and make an effort to understand them, people are usually quite _______ if we make a cultural mistake.
  13. A buyers club that sells only within the network or charges fees that are paid in commission is _______ under the UK law.
  14. Don’t feel _______ if at first you are motivated by material wealth.
  15. Sharon Lechter started working with Robert Kiyosaki in 1996, and over the next decade, they built the _______ brand into an international powerhouse.
  16. Napoleon Hill originated the concept of _______ —surrounding yourself with people who can help you get to where you want to go.
  17. Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to _______. —Will Smith
  18. Entrepreneurship is not for ______.—Guy Kawasaki
  19. Sharon Lechter sees the future of business being much more _______.
  20. Dr. Bakary Kante says the wealth of the poor is the _______.

Puzzle Answers