Jason & Michelle Fraser, Plano, Texas
Unlike traditional business, network marketing comes with mentorship and training. Everyone is in alignment and wants their new business partners to succeed. Two important concepts most people need to learn is delayed gratification and reinvesting in your business—and in yourself. Personal development is key in our business. We also tell people, “Do not vary from the system as it is what creates duplication—and your freedom. You do not want to create a high paying job or a 911 service in your networking business. You want to make yourself unnecessary in the process.”

Armon Anderson, Scottsdale, Arizona
At age fifteen, I received a prospecting call from an individual asking me to join his network marketing business. One month later I found myself at a convention in Colorado where I was introduced to entrepreneurship. I used every last dollar and penny I had saved to attend this three-day event, and it shifted my paradigm. I learned how important it is in life to seek out a mentor, someone who will hold you accountable and stretch you further than you ever believed you could go. Network marketing taught me that if I wanted to be a leader I must develop myself first. At age twenty-three, looking back to the convention in Colorado, I am forever grateful that I was introduced to this business that led me to being an unstoppable entrepreneur.

Casey Eberhart, Los Angeles, California
When I was a young boy, my grandfather taught me, “Give customers way more than they expect, and everything else will be okay.” I put this lesson to the test by treating the next customers in his antique store extra special. Two ladies bought a piece of glass and when I wrapped it in newspaper, put it in a box, then a bag, and ultimately strapped it in the back seat of their car with the seatbelt for safe traveling, they tipped me twenty dollars! I was hooked on customer service—and it has served me well ever since.

Paula Foeller & Mitch Spangler, Toronto, Canada
Our parents ran their own business so we didn’t know what is was like to have a job. When we entered the workforce, we didn’t enjoy all the rules that came with being employed. We didn’t have to come up with the idea that there are “other options” out there; for us a job was the other option. Running our own business was all we knew, so we quickly returned to that. Our children have that same entrepreneurial streak. They find creative ways of earning income and are open to all options. We believe entrepreneurship can be learned. Even if you are the first generation of entrepreneurs in your family, know that you are about to change future generations.

Debra Warren, Sarasota, Florida
A former teacher and lifelong learner, I got my entrepreneurship education from reading books, online resources and social media, and conversations with network marketing leaders. I discovered that our business is really quite simple—I call it the S factor: share, schedule, sponsor, serve, and self-develop. In addition to developing skills to grow your business, it’s essential to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. You must believe in yourself, believe you are worthy of abundance and success, believe you are capable of achieving your why, and believe that you are a giver of hope. 

Don Shan, Singapore, Southeast Asia
The reason I got started in network marketing was to develop the sales and marketing skills of a business builder, as our profession provides the perfect platform to hone these skills without having to worry about all the other tasks involved with starting a traditional business. Network marketing, done properly, is an educational journey. Business success typically follows personal growth. The better you become as a human being and the stronger your skills are, the more you guarantee your success in the profession. You can never go wrong by investing in yourself and being the best you can be.

Val Wolfenden & Helen Newham, Gold Coast, Australia
Leadership, management ability, and team-building are usually considered essential qualities of an entrepreneur. We believe that in network marketing the most important thing you need is people skills, without which you will never be able to motivate others. How do you develop this trait? Be more interested in others than in yourself. It sounds so simple, but it requires a lot of discipline. We learned a lot from selling door to door and developing the habit of actively listening to people. Everyone wants someone to listen to them. Find out other people’s needs, dreams, and goals, and then help them achieve them.

Tom Chenault, Longmont, Colorado
Network marketing is a learned skill and the willingness to be trained in this profession will make the difference between winning and losing. Next comes getting a grip on the fact that no one is successful without their team being successful. The dog-eat-dog mentality so pervasive everywhere else just doesn’t work here. I teach people that everything has flipped: I am no longer their boss, in fact they could almost be mine. The only way to motivate others is through love and integrity, not oppression. I lead by example, showing them how to fire their brains and hire their heart.

Faouzi Daghistani, Melbourne, Australia
Being a co-owner and manager of pizzerias since 2002, I can tell you there are plenty of similarities with running a network marketing business. You need to apply the same attitude of responsibility and accountability. A successful pizza business works well when people follow a simple system. This is how I make the dough and it’s how we all make the dough; this is how deliveries are organized; this is the way we top every pizza. Excellent people skills, motivating your team, leading the way with attitude and work ethic are requirements for any successful business. Finally, you need discipline to do what needs to be done no matter where you are emotionally.

Shelley Ke, Sydney, Australia
Entrepreneurs need to be organized and develop a strong sense of ownership. In an employee environment usually your task is clear and given to you by a supervisor or boss in an organized space. Once at home, you are in control and 100 percent responsible. Excellent time management will be essential to help you focus and work hard towards your goals and dreams. It’s easy to be distracted, so self-motivation becomes another entrepreneurial quality to develop. Honing your entrepreneurial skills will take time and firsthand experience. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, instead learn from them and improve.

Steve & Kori Burgess, Kewanee, Illinois
The first step in teaching employees to become successful entrepreneurs is being a good role model. Experiencing the wins and the losses, learning how to face challenges and grow from them while finding the beauty of self-development, you will help former employees walk through similar experiences and overcome their fear. This will ease their transition into the joy of building the business and making things happen, creating value in the marketplace which translates into financial results. As Jim Rohn put it, “Entrepreneurs get paid for the value they create in the marketplace.” 

Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz, Orlando, Florida
When you finally make the move, you experience total freedom and euphoria that you now get to call the shots. You also quickly learn that nothing gets done unless you hold yourself accountable for results. You are no longer trading time for money as you did as an employee. You will need to work harder than ever in the beginning and be willing to do more than you are paid to do. You must be willing to lead yourself as opposed to being led. It may be a good idea to get a mastermind partner for accountability or a business coach, especially in the beginning.

Manu Rekola, Vantaa, Finland
When I first got started in network marketing at age twenty-three, I predicted that great and steady results would follow after a month or two. Impatient by nature, I was surprised it took one year just to learn the basics. Nowadays I teach young entrepreneurs what I learned from Robert Kiyosaki: first create a twelve-month plan and with that experience create a five-year plan. If you don’t have any experience in what you are about to start, there’s no point in trying to make a five- to ten-year plan. On the other hand, you should give yourself at least twelve months to learn the basics, create relationships, and most importantly, make your first mistakes and learn from them

Eileen Chua, Mumbai, India

  1. To succeed as an entrepreneur, dare to set high standards and dream big.
  2. Face failures like a warrior. Entrepreneurs ask themselves, “How do I solve this challenge most effectively in terms of time and money?” We do not like to waste time whining over things beyond our control. We always look at the bigger picture of winning the war.
  3. Be an approachable mentor to your team at all times. This only applies when the student is willing to submit.
  4. Read lots of books and allow people’s mindset to expand on their own accord.
  5. Be the one who keeps moving forward strong regardless of challenges.

Garth Wright, Plzen, Czech Republic
I tell former employees, “Some things you learn in a job are great for network marketing success. You want some examples? To get a good job, you need at least the basic education in your field, plus continuing education to keep your position. In a job you must put in productive hours every day. In most jobs you must keep, review, and turn in activity logs each week and month. And in a job, if you don’t go to work, you don’t get paid!”

Magdy Abdullah, Cairo, Egypt

  • Unlearn the old rules of the game that kept you where you are till now, and learn the new ones.
  • Believe that if anyone has done it, you can do it, and if no one has done it yet, this is even better because you will be the first one. 
  • Stop being realistic, only average people are realistic and that’s why they have average results.
  • No one is more talented than you. Some may be more skilled, but that’s because they work harder.
  • Don’t wait for everyone to support your idea and motivate you, they won’t! You have to continue and take the lead, and eventually everyone will follow you.