Transitioning from a job into a home business can be one of the most exciting and exhilarating times of your life. Here are three keys entrepreneurs need to successfully navigate this transitional season.

Key 1 is the irreplaceable value of mentorship. Mentorship is wisdom without the pain. Mentorship is an accelerator. Mentorship is allowing someone else’s hindsight to become your foresight. If you are truly committed to growing your business, working with a mentor is non-negotiable. Why don’t more people have business mentors? The answer is they underestimate the power and impact that knowledge can have in their life or business. A mentor is someone who has something you would like to have or is at a place where you would like to be. What better way to learn about where you want to go than from someone who is already there? Don’t go another day in your home-based business without a mentor.

Key 2 is developing discipline. Most people don’t realize discipline is not a standalone habit you can force upon yourself; discipline is a byproduct of a formula! People are not disciplined because their desire for their business is not strong enough, because their focus in their business isn’t protected enough. The solution is protect your focus. Here is the formula: you must protect your focus because your focus fuels your desire and your desire fuels your discipline. When you place the protocol in your business to protect your focus, your desire to be where you want to go will build and build, and that desire will ignite the discipline necessary to achieve success.

Key 3 is understanding pace. One of the biggest mistakes people make when transitioning out of job into a home-based business is misdiagnosing the timeframes of potential growth. Most people expect success to happen quickly—and if their experience doesn’t match their expectation, they become disappointed and quit.

An old proverb states, “Anything gained through haste will not last.” All great businesses are built over time. Entrepreneurship is like running a marathon. Determine a pace to create the space for yourself to run your race, because if you don’t, you will fall flat on your face. Be aggressive in growing your business but remember that it is a marathon, so be sure that the pace you are operating at is a pace you can maintain without it causing you to drop to your knees on the seventh mile and puke your guts out, resulting in you having to take yourself out of the race.

Home-based businesses are the best kept secret in entrepreneurship. It’s time for you to let this secret out of the bag so more people can experience the freedom it can bring into one’s life. Using these three keys, you will be sure to become a shining example of home business success.

KEITH KOCHNER is an international speaker
and founder of Mentorship Mastery, a leadership
and professional development training company.
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