You’re telling me I have to go back to school to be successful in network marketing?

As with any profession, such as a lawyer, doctor, engineer, or professional athlete, becoming a network marketer professional requires several years of commitment and making sacrifices. Even so, you can get involved on a part-time basis and eventually go full time. It’s totally possible to experience positive results in less than four years, or you can take longer depending on the amount of time you invest in your business.

To begin your journey from employee to entrepreneur, it is essential to understand your starting point and where you want to end up. An important ingredient to a successful transition into entrepreneurship is the necessity to surround yourself with the right people, including a mentor. After having been told when to take a holiday, having others make decisions for you, and earning an income that you are not satisfied with but have grown accustomed to, you now need to acquire the mindset of a successful network marketer, ideally from someone who has traveled the path before you.

One of the habits I recommend you develop is building on any and all positive results you experience on a daily basis. You must realize that achieving success is not an event, but a process that develops over time, similar to your traditional education. Stay focused, keep the end in mind, and adopt a never-quit attitude.

Developing a plan of action for your journey is equally important. Nothing happens without a plan and you can modify its course if needed. One of the most important areas you will be exposed to revolves around personal development. You will learn to think like an entrepreneur, develop great business relationships, and most importantly, you will learn how to dream again.

Just as you would go to class on a daily basis to receive your traditional education, it is equally important to maintain consistent communication with your mentor. With the advancement of technology and access to a global market, there is no limitation to what you are capable of achieving. Obstacles and objections will always appear; it’s a fact of life. The mentorship in your business will teach you how to handle these challenges and how to gain valuable insight from them.

Ultimately one needs to know the truth about what is required to achieve success, which is not always forthcoming. Preparing the mind for success is the hardest part of the journey.

After having run a traditional business for twenty-three years,
PATRICK TULLOCH started his network marketing career in May 2004.
Today he mentors and coaches others to realize
their unlimited potential as network marketing professionals.