My first taste of entrepreneurship came when I was still an engineer in the automotive industry. Working with various companies built by people with a clear vision of what they wanted, I was able to get a first-hand look at what dedicated entrepreneurs can accomplish. It was this exposure that started to shift my thinking and ultimately led me to leave the automotive industry and become an entrepreneur myself.

The moment I left the security of my job, my entrepreneurship education began. I convinced myself that I was prepared because of my reading, studying, and modeling other successful entrepreneurs, but in reality my breakthroughs didn’t happen until I took action and officially started to apply what I read. The actions that produced results I did more of and those that didn’t I eliminated from my life.

Understanding the principles of entrepreneurship is at the foundation of being successful in network marketing. What many people forget when entering this profession is that you are a business owner. With such a low start-up investment many don’t realize they are, in fact, running a real, live, growing business and that this comes with the necessity to learn and apply new skills.

This disconnect causes people to miss the importance of entrepreneurship education and the learning curve any new business owner goes through. The usual advice others give them is to be patient, but to me patience breeds complacency, which then leads to quitting. I believe the most important entrepreneurial skill is consistency. As an entrepreneur you have no business unless you complete the tasks necessary each and every day.

Unlike a job that will allow you to postpone things till tomorrow and still pay you a check, in network marketing, if you are not completing the required tasks every day you will not get paid. The philosophy holds true even for those who have achieved success. If you stop doing what provided you the success, you may not feel it today and maybe not even tomorrow, but the lack of consistency will catch up to you and erode your income.

One of the great features of network marketing is that people from all walks of life can choose to be successful in it. The variety of their backgrounds does not allow for one specific process or method to teach them how to navigate the paradigm shift from employee to entrepreneur.

For this reason it has to be an entire philosophy that allows them to make the change. I mentor people in personal and professional development, which includes business and self-help trainings. This education allows the budding entrepreneur to internalize and utilize the entrepreneurial skills required to accomplish any goal they set for themselves and leave any limiting employee thinking behind.

JAMIE MESSINA is an entrepreneur, engineer, and
network marketer who has helped thousands
transition from employee to entrepreneur through
his mentoring company Engineered Lifestyles.
Global leadership and seven years of experience have allowed
his organizationto flourish on every continent.