In 1999 I was operating a successful traditional business when a friend introduced me to network marketing. That’s when my eyes opened up to personal development, which I consider to be the ultimate entrepreneurship education. From that moment onward, I immersed myself in books and magazines such as Networking Times, for I knew I wanted to become a leader and mentor. Business philosopher Jim Rohn became my first teacher of entrepreneurial principles.

Today, I believe entrepreneurship education is the foundation for success in network marketing. Most of us are programmed with an employee mindset, which is a recipe for failure in network marketing. Wanting to make more money, wanting to change, and wanting to be an entrepreneur is not enough. In order to change your belief systems and internal programming, you must learn to understand and apply several universal principles. My favorites are Law of Association and Law of Gratitude. If you do not learn these laws you will find justifiable reasons why you are not successful.

I believe entrepreneurial skills will develop when an individual knows exactly what they want and why they want it. Many network marketers know how to prospect, close, present, and follow up—yet they are struggling. They can even teach these skills to others, but this doesn’t guarantee success. However, when people have a clear, vivid picture or movie in their mind of what their life can be and believe it, the skills will come. Common skills employees need to work on when becoming business owners are goal setting, activity management, and using leverage.

Most people aren’t in touch with what they want in life because they know that whatever those dreams may be, as employees they can never achieve them. When working with people who want to transition from a job into business ownership, I immediately ask them to create a vivid movie of what they want their life to be like five years from today. Next I start them with two books, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

For employees to become successful entrepreneurs, it is crucial to align themselves with leaders who will help them not only to build a business professionally but also to develop personally.

The owner of a traditional wellness clinic, ANDREAS PAPAKOSTAS
was introduced to network marketing twelve years ago. After ten months,
he had become a top earner in his company. Today he builds in eight countries
and his global leaders in South Korea, Peru, Mexico,
and Tanzania all come from connections he made in North America.