Many leading network marketing companies focus simultaneously on people, planet, profit, and principles. Isn’t it funny how in our world these things often seem disconnected, while in reality they are tightly interconnected?

I’m noticing how our profession depends upon the interconnectedness of people to build prosperity for ourselves and others, and how many network marketers support philanthropic endeavors. More and more of us are engaging in the idea, if not the actions, of bringing social entrepreneurship into our businesses. We’re continuing to define who we are, what we do, and how we support ourselves and our planet.

Have you noticed this—or is it just me?

Over the past six months, the founders of Networking University, Dr. Josephine and Chris Gross, and I have been engaged in a course with our faculty members Dianne Collins, creator of QuantumThink and her partner, Alan Collins, to help us cultivate a more conscious relationship with money as the creative energy that is women into all aspects of our lives.

Our exploration has led to a much sharper focus on our professional brands, our whys, and our reasons for engaging in network marketing. As we continue to examine our beliefs about money as a manifestation of Life Force, we’ve had profound personal discoveries that are affecting all areas of our lives and the lives of those around us.

Because we network marketers love personal development, we have persuaded Dianne and Alan to create a way for you to join in and play, to learn and grow with us in this QuantumThink adventure themed “It Really Is About the Money.” Since money plays such a central role in society and for each of us personally, we are wise to build a healthy relationship to it, so we can be comfortable with it and in command of it in all situations.

As a Networking University student, you will be receiving an invitation to join us beginning October for a unique three-month program that will have a profound effect on each of us individually and collectively as a profession. You can also visit our online course list for more information.

The course format is most unusual. Ten leaders form an inner circle and receive coaching directly from Master Coach Alan Collins. (Trust me, he is masterful!) Each leader is invited to bring at least twenty-five team members and/or peers to join an active outer listening circle. When a team learns a new way of thinking together, they become unstoppable.

As you think, so you become. I am delighted to offer you this opportunity to learn to QuantumThink and create a conscious relationship with money so you can attract, receive, spend, and invest it with greater freedom and in alignment with your intent.

See you in class,

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University