Everyone wants happiness. But what exactly is it? We all want love, connection, expression, growth; we want to matter and make a difference; we want adventure, joy, freedom, and financial abundance. We want to live a fuller life.

If happiness is your goal, how does network marketing help you get it? I don’t know of any business model that more effectively puts all of the above within the reach of any aspiring entrepreneur.

But wait. Network marketing will ask something of you first. It asks you—no, it naturally compels you—to grow yourself at a deeper level than just about any business I can think of. Even though the nexus of network marketing is people helping people, success depends on the willingness of individuals to banish their disempowering beliefs, step out of their comfort zones, cross new frontiers of interpersonal relationships, intensify their courage, patience, tolerance and perseverance, remain self-motivated, and lift themselves up by their own bootstraps, one new team member and one customer at a time.

All of this comes easily when you truly know yourself.

What are your core values? Which ones matter most? What is your life purpose? What are your beliefs? Do you believe you deserve to have it all? Which of your beliefs might be delaying or preventing your success?

By uncovering the answers and replacing your limiting thoughts with empowering ones, you’ll make the two essential breakthroughs to personal and professional growth, and thus happiness.

1. You’ll align your life’s purpose with your business purpose. This crystal clear connection between your deepest desires and the business-building process infuses you with energy, certainty, and passion. It transforms routine daily life into a purpose-driven life that produces meaning, contribution, and true happiness. When living a purpose-driven life, you are coming from rather than going to a place of happiness. Happiness is not the destination; it’s the journey.

2. You’ll uncover your authentic self. When the authentic you is living a purpose-driven life, everything changes. You own unshakable confidence. You are a magnet that attracts the right people to you. It’s the authentic you that people crave; and you get that it’s about them, not you. Thus begins your transformation from who you were—a diamond in the rough—to who you want to become. And who you become is the master key to success in our business.

Add a company and a product that ignite so much passion that you would share them even without compensation and you have the perfect equation for happiness.

Building a network marketing business compels you to know your purpose and then live it; to find your authentic self, then be it. Happiness was your goal when you began. It is the outcome you experience as you proceed.

Seeing happiness as an activity rather than an emotion, Aristotle could have been describing the network marketing journey 2,000 years ago when he said, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

MARGIE ALIPRANDI is a 25-year network marketing veteran with a team of over 250,000 people spanning 29 countries. She is an international speaker/trainer and bestselling author of
How to Get Absolutely Anything You Want.