The Science of What Goes Right
John David Mann
The field of positive psychology has produced an avalanche of new research. Exactly what have we learned in the past fifteen years? First, that happiness is available. Our level of happiness (much like our brains and nerve pathways) is far more malleable than we thought. We are not so hardwired—by genetics, upbringing, or past experience—to a fixed range of mood state as science insisted was the case just twenty years ago. What’s more, the factors that can make us significantly and lastingly happier are not the big things we might expect would make the difference, but the little things we so easily overlook.

Sarah Fairless Robbins, Comparison is the death of contentment. Focus on your calling and you will experience true happiness and freedom—in business and in life.

Dr. Sven Goebel, The path to happiness lies in personal growth. Becoming someone with personal mastery and excellent relationship skills is what drives success.

Donna Imson, The Beatitudes describe the heartbroken as blessed. One definition of “blessed” is blissfully happy and content. Talk about raising the happiness bar!

Nobuhiro Kaneko, We all have the freedom to choose to do our favorite things, but most people seem too busy doing something they really don’t want to do.

Ten MLM Commandments
Jean-Philippe Hulin
What does it take to create long-term success in network marketing? This article provides a ten-point list of do’s and don’ts, including: Adopt the T.I.E. philosophy: Truth, Ingenuity, Empathy; Don’t feed your ego-meter: the more you say or write I, me and my, the less interesting you are to your prospect; Think big: congratulate everyone sharing any progress, promotion, or anything positive about network marketing in general; Be prepared: you must know without hesitation what to say and what to do in any situation. Let go of any jargon: take an honest look at how you present your opportunity and get rid of every single non-vernacular word.

Don’t Be the Naysayer
Curt Wang
When it comes to gaining influence, remember the law of reciprocity: the more you support others, the more they will support you. If you want people to adopt your ideas in the future, you need to be collaborative yourself and support their ideas, or at least to show respect and a willingness to listen before weighing in. If you don’t, you may find that your initiatives will increasingly fail to receive full and fair consideration. The key is to learn how to reject or redirect bad ideas in a thoughtful, positive, and more collaborative way. This article offers six tips to avoid being perceived as a naysayer.

Sara Marble, To be happy on a daily basis is an amazing recruiting tool. People are drawn to my business because they see me fulfilled in everything I do.

Joseph T. Bismark, Once we understand who we really are, and we focus on taking care of the needs of the soul and the body, we will find true happiness.

Thomas Tidlund, Being happy does not mean that your life is perfect. It means that you emphatically trust God and believe He has great plans for your life.

Onyx Coale, Happiness is not attached in any way to money, but an abundance of money can add to your happiness, allowing you to express more of your life purpose. 

Keep It Clean
Scott Allen
Online reputation management is a growing issue for all kinds of businesses, but network marketing companies and distributors face some unique challenges. A whopping 88 percent of top network marketing companies have negative results on the first page of a Google search for their company. No other business sector comes close to that, even those notorious for customer service issues and billing problems, such as mobile phone, cable TV, and utility companies. It’s not that the negative isn’t there for them—it is; it’s just not showing up on page one of Google. This article offers twelve steps to protect your reputation online.

Russia: The Largest Territory in the World
Jeremy Cosnefroy
Since 2000, the Russian economy has shown consistent growth and set the ground for a free market economy, facilitating the development and success of direct selling and network marketing. Other driving factors for growth in this business sector are the constantly increasing number of companies that are opening in Russia, the development of the population’s purchasing power, and the relative stability of the Russian currency. According to WFDSA, the direct selling sales volume equals around 4 billion U.S. dollars turned over by 4.5 million salespeople. This article features some other key facts about the Russian market.

Happiness Is the Key
Margie Aliprandi
We all want love, connection, expression, growth; we want to matter and make a difference; we want adventure, joy, freedom, and financial abundance. Network marketing puts all of the above within the reach of any aspiring entrepreneur. But our business asks something of us first. Success depends on our willingness to banish disempowering beliefs, step out of our comfort zones, cross new frontiers of interpersonal relationships, intensify our courage, patience, tolerance and perseverance, remain self-motivated, and lift ourselves up by our own bootstraps.