Word Find
The answers to the clues may be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards and backwords.

  1. According to the latest research, our level of happiness is far more _______than we thought.
  2. Mary Barber says, “Even if you don’t have a twin sister, grab a friend you can talk to, or find an _______ partner.”
  3. The three big discoveries are: happiness is a choice, happiness is an advantage, and happiness _______.
  4. People who have higher levels of happiness, scientists are telling us, also ______ better at work.
  5. Gratitude training, journaling about positive experiences, mindful _______ activity, and meditation are four habits that raise happiness.
  6. Harvard University research indicates that the most significant factor in people’s happiness is their _______.
  7. While optimism has a genetic component, it can also be learned to become our new _______ position.
  8. Bob and Betty Ann Golden’s team includes rock stars, musicians, _______ , and other top performers.
  9. The acronym MINGLE stands for Meeting Insightful New Genuine _______ Entrepreneurs.
  10. According to the Goldens, network marketing offers a _______ to get people across troubled waters.
  11. Fifty percent of Russia’s direct sales volume is generated in _______.
  12. Before Sara and Mary found network marketing, they were food writers and _______ consultants.
  13. According to Onyx Coale, _______ allows us to express more of your life purpose.
  14. Thomas Tidlund says the moment we stop _______ others, we’re on the road to emotional freedom.
  15. Joseph Bismark recommends the mystical practice of _______ meditation to achieve joy and happiness.
  16. Donna Imson reminds us that in the Beatitudes the brokenhearted are called _______.
  17. According to Sarah Robbins, _______ is the death of contentment.
  18. Dr. Sven Goebel says if you want to win in network marketing, you need to understand the formula ______.
  19. According to Margie Aliprandi, building a network marketing business compels you to know your _______ self.
  20. Happiness is a _______ you cannot pour on others without getting some on yourself.—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Puzzle Answers