Bob and Betty Ann Golden are one of the happiest couples you will ever meet. If you spend any time in Las Vegas where they live, you actually might run into them.

Having been married for forty-three years, the Goldens love to go see shows, attend parties, and meet new friends. On their Facebook profile you can see them surrounded by rock stars, magicians, and other top performers, laughing and having fun as they always find something to celebrate.

After parties or any time they’ve had a meaningful encounter, the Goldens like to follow up by sending a card, and this is exactly how they built their thriving network marketing business and ongoing residual income.

Could it really be that joyful and simple? The Goldens believe that happiness is a choice, and that wealth and success are 80 percent mindset and 20 percent mechanics. They’ve trained themselves to see everything in a positive light, approaching every relationship from a place of innocence and viewing all challenges as opportunities for growth.

Bob and Betty Ann are known for constantly reaching out to see how they can make others’ lives more wonderful. Over the years their loving and authentic communication style has created sustained, organic business growth. In 2009 they earned their company’s Distributor of the Year award, in 2010 they reached the top level of Eagle in their company, and today they serve as master trainers and advisory board members to help their company expand internationally.

First Encounter
Bob and Betty Ann were first introduced to network marketing in 1978 by their cousin and business partner who had invited them to a presentation at his home.

“I immediately liked the fact that success in this type of business was predicated on how well you were able to help others,” says Bob. “The philosophy of paying it forward felt totally different from the dog-eat-dog business mentality I was used to.”

Bob and Betty Ann got involved just so they could learn more. Attracted by the company’s educational programs, especially in the area of personal development, they tolerated other aspects of the business they didn’t particularly resonate with, such as having to fill sales quotas to re-qualify for their position each year.

“Discovering Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino, Zig Ziglar, and other classics really expanded our thinking,” says Betty Ann, “as did attending the company trainings and hearing all the different motivational speakers.”

Bob and Betty Ann did as they were told: they shared the products and opportunity with friends and people they met through their other businesses.

“At the time I had a chain of automotive centers in the greater Los Angeles area,” says Bob. “Betty Ann was a stay-at-home mom and later worked as a realtor. We started doing network marketing on the side.”

Working the system, Bob and Betty Ann climbed up the ranks in the pay plan until a few years later a number of family issues diverted their attention and their business fizzled out.

In October 1995, the Goldens were introduced to their second company, which sold telecommunication services. Because of their first experience and their ongoing commitment to personal development, they reached the top level in this new company in just six months. When new achievement levels were added to the pay plan, the Goldens reached those as well.

“What propelled us forward was not only our personal development background,” says Bob, “but also the fact that we love providing value to people. Offering the service and opportunity to our friends truly brought us joy and happiness.”

At the end of 1998, the telecommunications company was acquired by another company and the Goldens found themselves no longer resonating with the changing culture. The company eventually went out of business, and Bob and Betty Ann said to each other, “We love the concept of network marketing; we just haven’t found the company we feel we can fully buy into.”

Highest bidder for guitar at
charity event for autism.

Receiving the top Eagle award,
with Kody and Jodi Bateman.

Boarding a private jet with Jordan Adler.

Finding a Home
A few years later, in 2005, as Bob and Betty Ann were going to see a classic car show in Arizona, they decided to reconnect with a couple of local friends and business partners from their previous company, Jordan Adler and Janalea Rengifo. They met up for drinks, and in conversation, Janalea mentioned that Jordan had just joined a new company. Excited to let his friends experience the service, Jordan said, “When you get home, I’d like to show you how to send a card.”

When Jordan shared the card service with Bob and Betty Ann, they quickly realized how they could use it to stay in touch with people and enhance all their relationships.

“Betty Ann and I are free-spirited individuals who are passionate about life and having fun,” Bob says. “We love connecting with others to see how we can enrich their lives. Even though we don’t expect anything in return, this has served us very well.”

Happy to have found a convenient tool for cultivating friendships, the Goldens signed up as distributors to use the service and they knew others would ask about joining and sharing too.

As a realtor, Betty Ann loved helping buyers find their dream home. All her business was referral-based and she had her own broker’s office in Las Vegas. The only thing she didn’t like was the lack of free time.

“I was constantly at people’s beck and call,” she says. “If I was out of town or on a vacation, they’d go to somebody else and I could lose the sale.”

Betty Ann loves family time, and when she and Bob were doing well in their telecommunications company, she had been able to leave the real estate business for a short period and spend more time at home. When Jordan shared his enthusiasm about his new company, Betty Ann reconnected with the feeling of excitement she once experienced about growing a residual income.

“I love getting paid for my efforts well into the future,” says Betty Ann, “and being able to share that benefit with others.”

Discovering an easy way to create, write, and send cards also reminded her that she hadn’t always honored and celebrated her family and friends’ birthdays and anniversaries as much as she liked. She loved how the system allowed her, with very little effort, to express love, gratitude, and appreciation to everyone.

“We always knew that in business—-as in life—-success is based on relationships,” says Bob. “When I saw the opportunity that would allow us to build know, like, and trust by surprising people with a card, I knew it was something I wanted to be part of.”

Bob and Betty Ann approach every relationship from the heart and created the acronym LOVE: Life’s Only Valuable Emotion.

“We truly believe that,” says Betty Ann. “We also believe in practicing gratitude on a daily basis.”

“When you’re in a state of gratitude, it resonates in everything you do,” says Bob. “It basically allows you to take your life from shades of gray to Technicolor. Everything becomes more vibrant and meaningful. Even food tastes better. The flavors and smells, touch and sound, everything heightens. And others notice it.”

This is exactly what made the Goldens’ business take off: others wanted to tap into all the good feelings that were radiating through the greeting cards they were sending, and many of Goldens’ friends asked if they could sign on for the service themselves or join their team as distributors.

Having fun with South Florida team.

Mingling with the singers, musicians, magicians, and top performers on their team.

Going Full Time
When they started the card business, Bob and Betty Ann’s lives were already full to the brim. Bob was consulting for two top fuel racing teams, which required him to travel to a different city every two weeks as the teams were touring across the U.S. When he wasn’t touring, Bob was traveling to Peru as an equity partner in a music production company.

In addition to all this, Bob and Betty Ann were overseeing the construction of their dream home in Las Vegas, while Betty Ann dealt with a real estate market gone wild (6,000 people were moving to Las Vegas each month, many making multiple offers on the few homes that were for sale).

“When we first signed up in our current company, the only thing we were qualified for was psychiatric help,” Bob laughs. “Consulting for the race teams was time consuming and no longer satisfying; the music project was definitely more of a passion, but unfortunately I was working with partners who were more focused on the money.”

Despite their hectic schedules, Bob and Betty Ann were able to use and share their card business to the point where it started to grow organically. In August 2006 they attended their first company convention and Bob had an epiphany.

“I suddenly saw my network marketing program providing me with the financial and time freedom I really wanted,” he says. “Having built a fairly significant residual income in twenty-four months working only part time, I wondered what could happen if I gave it more attention and did it full time.”

Over the next four months, Bob dissolved his other businesses and one year later, he was making a six-figure residual income from his network marketing business. He doubled his income the following year and it has been increasing ever since.

“When I chose to let go of what was not giving me joy, that’s when my life took this whole new course,” he explains. “The response from people we sent cards to was incredible and the revenue this produced allowed me to walk away from everything else that was no longer serving me.”

This was in 2007, and in 2009 Betty Ann folded her real estate business.

“Just in time,” she says. “It wasn’t fun anymore. As a buyer’s agent, I would often see a house come on the market and by the time I could get an offer in, there were already nine or ten other offers on the house, which ended up selling for way more than the original listing. This extreme competition created a scarcity mentality I didn’t resonate with.”

Betty Ann says she’s happy she kept working for two more years after Bob went full time, because it gave them a buffer.

“If Bob and I had both jumped in and gone full time the same year, we would have had what I call commission breath, meaning we would have felt desperate to make the sale. People can sense that, and we didn’t want to get caught in that trap. We knew we needed to keep our genuineness of truly providing value for people and sharing without any attachments.”

Today the Goldens teach their team not to go into network marketing full time unless they have the funds to keep themselves afloat for at least a year.

“Otherwise you’re in the desperation mode,” says Betty Ann, “and no one wants to be near you because you’re just grabbing at straws rather than building true relationships that will benefit both sides.”

BBQ potluck at the Goldens with team members.

With their team at Fly with the Eagles training in North Carolina.

Mindset Training
Bob and Betty Ann made a promise to each other a long time ago: they vowed to have fun together, regardless of what they achieved in the process. They discovered that in order to be happy, not only did they need to be of service to others, they would also have to continually work on themselves through seminars, programs, books, and hanging out with the right people.

“Who we spend our time with is who we become,” says Bob. “We choose to be around people who inspire greatness in us. We’ve insulated ourselves from the news because we understand that 80 percent of it is negative. The question is, how do we turn that around so that 80 percent of what we’re putting into ourselves is positive?”

In the late nineties Bob and Betty Ann started learning about non-physical realities and synchronicities by reading books such as the Conversations with God and The Celestine Prophecy series. They became students of the Abraham-Hicks teachings brought to them through the programs and books of Jerry and Esther Hicks.

“That’s actually what kicked off our journey into the Law of Attraction movement,” says Betty Ann, “which is the foundation for how we live our lives. There is no doubt that we live in a vibrational universe and that we create our external reality with our thoughts and emotions.”
To raise his vibration, Bob starts each day with setting his intentions and reading out loud what he calls his I Am statements.

“I put a lot of emotion into them,” he says, “which adds power. You have to deeply feel whatever you want to create in the physical world.”
“We also practice naming things we are grateful for in the present, past, and future,” Betty Ann adds. “We include the good and the bad, because everything that happens is a stepping stone for becoming more of who we are. Life is a journey and every one of us is continuously going through ups and downs.”

The Goldens teach their team, “The only reason some people are further along than you are is they have been more consistent with the right actions for a longer period of time. They also have more personal development experience under their belt and they’re applying it to create their results.”

When team members call Bob for advice, he often tells them, “I understand the challenges you’re going through; we went through them, too. The only thing you need to do is change the way you think. If you keep doing the same things without a mental adjustment, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.”

Bob and Betty Ann recently attended an Unleash the Power Within training by Tony Robbins which culminated with the fire walk.
“Your reality tells you that walking twelve feet barefoot on 2200-degree coals will have you in the hospital treated for severe burns,” says Bob. “But guess what? We changed our thoughts and made the impossible possible by doing it. These are the kinds of mindset breakthroughs we love to experience.”

Bob also teaches there is a transition we eventually need to make from belief to knowing.

“Believing is in your head,” he says, “and the counterpart of that is doubt. However, when you know, you know in your heart, and there is no doubt. You just know. When you take those thoughts you know to be true and apply emotion to them, then so it is!”

With their children and grandchildren.

Attracting New Business
Bob and Betty Ann constantly engage in socio-cultural activities to meet new people.

“We use the acronym MINGLE,” says Betty Ann, “which stands for Meeting Insightful New Genuine Likeminded Entrepreneurs.”

“We have entertainers on our team who often invite us to red carpet events,” says Bob. “Afterwards we have fun sending ‘Nice to meet you’ cards. We don’t do it to promote our business, we genuinely let people know we enjoyed meeting them. We personalize the card with pictures we took together.”

When people ask Bob how much time he works on his business, he says he doesn’t really work it, he lives it.

“It’s a philosophy and culture we’ve adopted and we live our lives that way,” he says. “In today’s busy world, people get phone calls and texts, and maybe an email, but that’s soon forgotten. However, when you receive a card in the mail, it creates what we call TOMA, Top Of Mind Awareness, which strengthens your connection. All we’re doing is just lovingly expressing ourselves and shining God’s Golden light. We’re not strategically building our business; we’re just living life and our business grows naturally.”

Over the past eight years, the Goldens have personally sponsored just under a hundred business builders, with whom they grew an organization of over 12,000 members.

“Our customer-distributor ratio is roughly five-to-one,” says Bob. “The way we promote duplication is, when we sign someone up, we ask them about their dreams and we tell them about our lifestyle made possible by residual income.

“Often we meet team members we don’t even know around Las Vegas or in airports when we travel. The funniest story was when we were on our way to Cancun and had a stopover in Mexico City. We were looking for a place to have breakfast because we had landed there at 5:30 in the morning.

“Betty Ann and I sat down at a table in the center of the airport and all of a sudden we heard a voice say, ‘Hi Bob and Betty Ann, excuse us, you may not know us but we’re in your downline.’ To have that happen in a foreign country was amazing to us and gave us a taste of the future, as our company is expanding internationally.”

The Goldens business is currently in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., and Singapore. They have not personally sponsored anyone overseas, but they regularly fly there to speak and conduct trainings.

Another reason why Bob and Betty Ann are excited about the future is they believe they are in a “high technology company with a heart.”
“Technology takes the old and makes it new,” says Bob. “Our company basically took a brick-and-mortar concept and made it into a click-and-order business, just like Amazon and Netflix. We take old-world values and deliver them with today’s technology.”

Bob says he is like a little kid when it comes to new gadgets. “It fascinates me and I want to continue to learn more. Technology allows us to reach more people and it’s how I see our company becoming a household name.”

When people bring up the topic of retirement, Betty Ann is quick to respond, “Retire from what? I’m already retired from exposing myself to what doesn’t feel good. I’ve quit doing the things I don’t resonate with. I’m enjoying my new life of attracting people who want to have fun and who are truly genuine so we can have meaningful communication and build authentic relationships.”
“What’s not to love?” adds Bob. “We truly are the luckiest people on earth.”

Golden Nuggets

By Bob and Betty Ann Golden

The CURE—Communicate, Understand, and Respect Everyone
When asked about the secret to our long and happy marriage, we tell people it’s all about communication. We appreciate, love, and respect each other even more now than we did when we first got married, because we have expanded our awareness through personal growth. Communicate to understand, so you can respect each other. This is the formula for any successful relationship, whether it’s family or business.

The Genuine Factor
Communication begins with you: tune into your heart and soul so that the thoughts that are forming and what’s coming out of your mouth are an expression of who you are and not what you think the other person wants to hear. If you’re saying how you really feel in a loving way, you can’t say the wrong thing, because it’s just the right thing to do. When we appreciate and love ourselves, that radiates out and everyone feels good.

The 4 L’s
We’re a lamp to light the path for others. However, they need to walk the path.
We’re a lifeboat to get others across troubled waters. However, they need to get into the lifeboat.
We’re a ladder to help others reach to new heights. However, they need to climb the ladder.
And we do this all with love.

The Windshield
Where do you focus your attention—in the past, present, or future? When you’re driving a car, your windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror for a reason. If you’re constantly looking in the rearview mirror, you’re going to crash into something because you’ll run off the road. Instead, be present in the car and look out the windshield into the future. If you’re not focused there, you will run into problems.

The Slight Edge
We absolutely live our life by the slight edge. To go from ordinary to extraordinary, all you have to do is add a little extra. Taking that small extra step or right action and being consistent with it over a period of time makes all the difference. You can’t just do it today and forget about it tomorrow. You’ve got to be persistent and commit to a daily process.

Fly like an Eagle
An eagle cannot fly unless it meets the resistance of the air for lift. An airplane cannot take off unless it’s going down the runway and it meets the resistance of the air coming at it. That’s what creates lift. When we experience resistance in our life, we get an opportunity to lift to higher levels. Most of us try to avoid resistance as much as we can, missing out on precisely what could propel us forward. Embrace resistance and allow it to serve you.

Golden Light
We’re all born with God’s golden light, which is our spirit or soul. This golden light illuminates the path of who we are and leads us to the genius within. Over the years, your golden light can get buried under hurt and negativity. The best way to uncover your the golden light is to constantly give gratitude, appreciation, and love. This will gradually start chipping away at the piles of minutiae that have dimmed your inner light.