Stephanie Goetz, Cary, North Carolina
In addition to providing residual income, network marketing brings me an exponential amount of happiness through the people I work with, through travel, learning, and all the experiences my business brought into my life. The more delighted I became with this newfound gift, the more I wanted to share it with others and the more others asked me to tell them about it. When you find something that allows you to leverage your professional strengths around the needs of the important personal parts of your life, it truly is the beginning of a new kind of happiness.

Jodi Hennessy, San Diego, California
Network marketing has been my chosen path for about thirty years, although I believe it chose me. Without the struggles of building a business, I would not have gone deeply enough within myself to attain the happiness and spiritual awakening I have received. The secret to happiness is persistence and follow through; not letting me talk myself out of awakening to the miracles that are within me; knowing that even in the darkest moment, I can push on. Being happy is what makes us attractive, thereby allowing the Universe to open up and let success pour in.

Lisa Hemmeter, Boulder, Colorado
Happiness is plugging into my passions and living them every day. It is no coincidence that my business tends to grow when I’m settled into that sweet spot of contentment. Some days, happiness is simply looking at the spectacular mountains while hiking. Other days, it’s cooking a beautiful meal, relishing the smells wafting from my kitchen. Spending time with family and friends brings me the greatest joy of all. Network marketing allows me to choose happiness every day: to work when and where I choose, and best of all, with whom I love.

Gary Washburn, Cameron Park, California
Happiness is a choice. Everyone experiences trials, problems, failures, and defeats. No one is exempt. Some choose to be happy. Some choose to complain and blame. Choosing to be happy is just a more fun way to live. And when my network marketing business produces a good residual income, I have the opportunity to share my blessing with others, which makes me even happier. It’s no more complicated than that.

Elizabeth Eckhardt, Bay Area, California
A networking marketing business is a blank canvas you can paint in with rewarding relationships, self-development, hard work, and dreams. Working towards those dreams and helping others achieve theirs is what makes me happy. People are attracted to and open to learning from happy people. Everyone wants to work in a healthy, positive environment. To be surrounded by positive people has elevated many aspects in my life. Happiness does not mean your business is easy and grows by itself. It includes learning, trying new things, and challenging yourself so you’re always growing. 

Marie-Pierre and Jean-Christophe Barreau,
Les Andelys, France

“Be the message,” one of our mentors used to say. Happiness is when our mind and heart vibrate in unison and our thoughts and actions are in harmony. Network marketing allows us to succeed using our own style, strengths, and talents, all the while working with a team to compensate for our weaknesses. Entrepreneurs come in contact with lots of people (customers, prospects, team mates, trainers, other networkers), and when we are happy, we exude positive energy and draw more of it to us. Happiness is the key that starts the engine of success and powers it. To be happy, treat yourself and others with respect and kindness, rejoice in the gifts of life, no matter how small, and learn to share this feeling with others.

Dan McCormick, Coto de Caza, California
Happiness is the result of making solid contributions to others. My whole life is set up to do just that in network marketing. Generally, happy people are more fun. To create success in business, it must be fun, so this makes being happy a key component of my journey. In relation to business, working with likeminded people sharing the desired results is in essence a happy place. The secret to happiness? Serve others!

Dr. Becky-Sue Olofin, Lagos, Nigeria
Network marketing helps me first and foremost develop myself. It gives me the privilege of living every day expecting the best to happen, which requires me to be happy. As a medical doctor and network marketing professional, I’ve found that everyone loves to be around happy people. I’m happiest when I can extend a helping hand to someone due to the business I do. The secret to happiness is within me: I create my world every day exactly how I want it to be, keeping in mind that I am solely responsible for how I feel.

Karolina Kmiec, London, United Kingdom
Network marketing is the first step to a happy life because of the people we meet and grow with. Being happy is everything if you want to create a successful business. There will be no success if you do not enjoy what you do daily and are happy with the big and small achievements. For me, an online business model is the solution because it gives me a global presence 24/7. When the people I work with are happy, growing, opening, enjoying work, and making money, or at least breaking even, this is when I feel truly happy and proud!

Sue Henry, Alexandria, Virginia
When others see you as happy and confident, they feel the pull to be around you and your team. People buy into your state of mind, and if you are in a happy place, not only will you attract people into your business, you will attract the right people. Happiness in my business is to be able to watch myself grow into a person that I never considered myself to be: a leader. Finding the tools and having the energy to develop that piece of myself is perhaps what has made me the happiest of all.

Vincent De Cock, Dendermonde, Belgium
Network marketing is about helping people. Depending on the kind of products we offer, we can help people with their health, lower their phone bills, or help them create an extra income stream.  We are changing people’s lives, and that’s one of the things that makes me happy. Being happy is doing the things I love to do. Creating a successful business is part of it. First, you need to decide that you want to be happy. Probably you know what makes you unhappy—and what makes you happy. Do those things!  

Kevin B. Young, Allen, Texas
One great joy in our profession is choice. Where do I want to work today? Who do I want to work with? How long do I want to work? Most careers don’t offer the luxury of choice. Network marketing is all about freedom. When we are free to do what feels right, we are happy, content, and attractive. Happy people are more successful because they define what success means to them. My mom taught me that happiness is a choice. When we choose to be happy, life opens amazing opportunities to us that simply cannot be seen by those in any other state or condition.

Judy O’Higgins, Sedona, Arizona
Each day I decide to be happy, just because I’m alive and life is a grand adventure. One exercise that helps me remember this is to make a gratitude list every morning. Being happy actually leads to greater success in our business. When was the last time you wanted to partner with someone who was angry or depressed? Me either! If you want to attract new business, be joyful. We all can have a bad day, but when we step back to see the big picture of our blessings (no boss, no commute, no 9-to-5, no overhead, no inventory, and no limits to what we can earn), how can we not be happy?

Mikaële Holzer, Mill Valley, California
Passionate about what I do for a living, I’m incredibly happy to wake up every morning and offer my services and products to the world. The secret to a happy life is making the decision to embody the spirit of happiness in daily life. Once that decision is made, we tend to become magnets for amazing opportunities, experiences, and other happy people. When things get challenging, choose to look at all the gifts in your life, be grateful, and count the blessings that already exist, and you can remain a happy person through it all.

Summer Flaherty, Phoenix, Arizona
Network marketing has brought happiness to my life in so many ways. First of all, I get to spend every day hanging out with my eighteen-month-old baby and working alongside my best friend: my husband, Travis Flaherty. Our business has given us the financial means to spend our summers in the beautiful mountains of Utah and take amazing trips throughout the year with our five children. We have fun together and create lifetime memories. A family that plays (and prays) together, stays together! Happiness is everything in this business. People are attracted to light, love, and happiness; it’s contagious!

Susan and Todd Stuart, Atlanta, Georgia
Before we found network marketing, we had a good life. Susan was a partner in a law firm, and Todd was an engineer running his own company. We had two beautiful children and a home that we adored. We were happy. Network marketing taught us that happiness is a journey (not a destination) and that there is always more happiness to create—for yourself and others. We learned that happiness emanates from the inside out and not from a bigger home, a faster car, or a larger bank account. Our network marketing business has given us the means to give back to others, which today has become a key component of our happiness.