All I want for you is to be happy,” my mom used to say when I was a child. She never asked me to become a doctor, or marry a doctor, or become an astronaut, or a network marketer. My mom had one clear goal for me: my happiness.

Today, I find myself telling my three daughters the same, “All I want for you is to be happy.”

I believe God leaves us clues. When you are happy, that’s when you are doing it right. When things get too hard and I’m no longer having fun, I ask myself, “What do I need to change, because I am not happy!”

What if happiness was our duty? For me, being happy means I’m living my life’s purpose. If I’m unhappy, I’m off purpose.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “My life is really hard right now. How can I be happy?”

I’ve got news for you: everyone I know (including myself) is currently experiencing some type of really challenging life situation—health issues (personal or in the family), divorce, financial struggles, losing a loved one, losing a home, you name it.

What do you do if happiness is your goal and duty, and you are buried under challenges?

This question led me to set an even higher goal, which is happiness in spite of circumstances.

How do I find happiness amidst challenges? I do more of the things that make me happy every day.

What makes you happy? Is it holding a baby’s hand (I love that precious feeling of a little hand in mine), roller skating, talking with a friend, learning something new, doing good to a stranger, reading, scuba diving, hugging your partner, donating time or money, getting a massage, connecting heart to heart, cleaning out your closet or garage, walking barefoot in a meadow or on the beach?

I found many things that made me happy in my network marketing business. Why? Because the things that give me the most pleasure in life are growth and connection. My business allowed me to connect with others and learn new things every day.

My happiness got so big and the money grew to such a level that I had the pleasure of connecting with others globally. The money started flowing, really flowing. It felt amazing to write checks to people and organizations I resonated with. I was happy!

When we are happy, we are living our life’s purpose. Network marketing became a vehicle to grow my happiness.

Over time, many people looked at me and said, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” Every time I hear this, I think, “Neither does being broke.” I do not let others’ money consciousness enter mine.

I don’t believe that your happiness is attached in any way to money. I simply believe that an abundance of money can add to your happiness, allowing you to express more of your life purpose.

ONYX COALE is a single mom with a strong work ethic
and big dreams. She joined network marketing seven
years ago, and her global organization grew to over
400,000 people. Recently she sold her distributorship.