The Bible says, “Man does not live by bread alone.” It takes more than food to makes us happy, and this “more” is love and faith. If we lead with love and walk in faith, we are on our way to a happier life.

“I have never seen a happy person who was not grateful,” said Zig Ziglar. Gratitude also means expecting the best in every situation. In Philippians 4:8, Apostle Paul challenges us to seek out and dwell on the positives in our lives.

In 1993, when I read my first personal development book, Living, Loving and Learning by Leo F. Buscaglia, I started on a quest to find happiness. A few years later I became involved in network marketing and my desire only increased as I learned to dream again.

It didn’t take long until one of my mentors taught me that happiness is not up to chance, it’s up to choice; that we can be happy regardless of circumstances. “How unfair that I am responsible for my own happiness,” I first thought. But as soon as I assumed my responsibility, everything changed for the better.

If you can’t stomach the responsibility for the situation you find yourself in, at least accept that you are responsible for what you do about it. The moment we stop blaming others, we’re on the road to greater emotional health and happiness.

I recently attended the funeral of Joe Larson, cofounder of the National Speakers Association. As strange as it may sound, I left there more inspired and happier than I was before, knowing that Joe had lived his life to the fullest.

Joe had carefully planned his funeral and prepared some thoughts to be shared in this moment of grief. He made it easy for us to understand that excellence is the result of hard work, patience, and careful thought.

Another message he had for us was, “It is not what is around us, but what is within us; not what we have, but what we are, that makes us really happy. And we need to be happy in these times.”

This is why I believe happiness is a verb.

Whatever fear, doubt, or uncertainty you may have experienced in the past, realize that today is a new beginning. Your world can be made new from this very moment. Have the courage to love and be happy and to live in joy. Understand that there is nothing in your past that can deny you the privilege of living happily, and there’s nothing in the future that can bring anything other than happiness to you if you expect it.

Being happy does not mean that your life is perfect. It means that you emphatically trust God and believe He has great plans for your life, regardless of what is happening right now.

Happiness is the result of your deep faith in the promises of God.

Based in Sweden, THOMAS TIDLUND
has over fifteen years of experience in
network marketing. He is an international
trainer/speaker and top earner in his company.