Happiness is everyone’s goal. Who does not want to be happy?

Most people falsely assume that being successful in business and accumulating material riches will bring happiness. Having met a lot of wealthy, unhappy businessmen, I’ve found this not to be true.

A career in network marketing has a lot of perks. It offers time flexibility and financial freedom. However, is it the means to happiness? No, because happiness cannot be found in external conditions.

Success for most people is being able to acquire material things, but that is not the true definition of success. How can you say you are successful if you feel miserable? Of all the successful network marketers or businesspeople I know, some of the richest are also the most miserable. Material and financial success are not synonymous with happiness. The more we have, the more we want, and the more miserable we become.

The key to true happiness is finding contentment, regardless of what we have in life. Of course, ideally, we need to find a balance between our wants and needs.

How, then, can we find happiness? What is its true definition anyway? It’s not simply gratifying our senses. Satisfying a craving for ice cream or buying that coveted car may make us happy for a moment but the feeling is fleeting.

Let’s look at an addict, for example. When satisfying his addiction, be it for drugs or alcohol, an addict gets that temporary feeling of gratification. A sober person knows that the more one engages in substance abuse, the more one suffers; that addiction is the source of one’s misery. The addict, however, is so consumed by his addiction that he doesn’t realize that. All he can think about is his next high.

hat is the highest form of happiness for him.

Sense gratification is the cause of a lot of our misery. The more we hanker for something, the bigger the price we pay for it. The more we take, the more we want. It’s a vicious cycle.

The key to real happiness is to look inside, not outside. To achieve happiness, we have to understand who we are: not the physical body, but the spirit soul.

The problem with sense gratification is that we only end up gratifying the physical body while the soul remains hungry. That is often the reason for our unhappiness.

Once we understand who we really are, as spirit soul and not the material body, and we focus on taking care of the needs of the soul and the body, we will find true happiness.

How do we nurture our soul? How do we commune with our inner being? We can feed our soul through the simple process of meditation.

Personally, I recommend mantra meditation which consists of repeating and focusing on a mantra. This mystical practice will help you achieve joy, love, and peace.

JOSEPH T. BISMARK is a dynamic business leader,
yoga instructor, bonsai master, tai chi coach,
classical musician, and martial arts expert. He is a
founding director of a multinational company operating
diverse business lines in nearly 180 countries.