When I was a little girl, I had a dream. I knew what my “happily ever after” would look like: a charming husband, a beautiful house, wonderful kids running around calling me mom, a secure job, being surrounded by people I love, and a future full of blessings and prosperity.

Fast forward to the present: I’m happy! How did I get here? I found the charming husband and God blessed me with the gift of three amazing boys who call me mom. But there is an unexpected piece to the puzzle that has become an amazing source of joy in my life: network marketing has given me the ability to live a life I never imagined possible.

As a former registered nurse, I found happiness in helping people. But there was always the tug of schedules, a boss, and stress—lots of stress! Stumbling upon my network marketing company has unlocked the door of freedom to let me experience a life I had always hoped for.

Working part time, I have been able to build a successful team while still enjoying being a wife and mom first. In addition, I have found new joy in helping others to succeed both in health and in their finances.

People are drawn to my network marketing opportunity because they see me happy and fulfilled in everything I do. Whether I’m training a new team member over coffee or taking my boys to a soccer game, I find joy and fulfillment in choosing how I spend my time.

To experience happiness on a daily basis is an amazing recruiting tool. I am living and working in the environment I choose. I am helping and blessing people with the gift and opportunity to experience happiness on a personal and professional level.

For me, true happiness is being able to enjoy my family and friends as well as having a career that complements and enhances those relationships while bringing new, exciting, and successful people into my life.

To be in a happy place is my wish for everyone. I feel I’ve found the secret to happiness in the most unexpected place!

SARA MARBLE has traded her career as a registered nurse
for the rewarding life of a network marketer.
A wife and busy mom to three young boys,
Sara has been able to climb the ranks of her young
network marketing company while working from home.