When we look around, some people seem fortunate while others are struggling. Some can buy anything they want, and others have financial problems. Some are always surrounded by friends, while others are living in loneliness.

The interesting part is that most people don’t think they can change. Even though a different life is available to them, they don’t put out the effort to change their lives. One reason is that they don’t know any other way to live.

To change your life, you first have to realize there is another way to live, then learn about it and take action to achieve it.

It is not necessary to change everything. By changing only a tiny little bit, many other things will start changing. It happened to me and also to some of my friends.

I believe the only way to be successful is to choose to do something that you like. People who are economically free are those who do their favorite things and are enjoying their lives. They never get tired and never give up.

When you do your favorite things, you also get lucky and attract favorable circumstances. In Japan we say, “If you like it, you can be good at it. If you are happy, you can be generous.”

We all have the freedom to choose to do our favorite things, but most people seem too busy doing something they really don’t want to do.

It is all up to you whether you make the decision to do your favorite thing. Misfortune will come when you hate your environment. To get out of a disagreeable situation, you need courage and determination.

Do you want to live the rest of your life the same way you’ve lived up till now? If you want to change, start getting involved in the things that seem interesting to you as a first step.

Through the challenge of doing what seems interesting, there is unexpected discovery. The opportunity of new encounters increases. Your world will expand.

As a network marketer, I have brought up many successful leaders. They love their businesses not because they have succeeded; they became successful because they grew to love their businesses from the bottom of their hearts. They enjoyed doing what they had to do and they were happy doing so.

If more people realize and understand that they can earn money by doing what they really want to do, then more of them will want to build a network marketing business as their lifework.

Your lifework is the reason why you were born. The person who has found his or her life purpose is fortunate. If you can clarify your priority and position yourself as to where you should be standing, then, even if you don’t achieve great success, as long as you don’t lose sight of your priority, your life can be fortunate and happy.

has been an active network marketing leader
and top earner in his company since 2003.