Happiness is what all humans are striving for, independent of age, culture, education, gender, wealth, and so on.

Happiness is relative—and it is easier to achieve than most people think.

There are roughly six different aspects to our lives that determine how happy we feel: health, relationships, personal growth, money, career, and lifestyle. They are all more or less interdependent. A change in one aspect influences the others. Focusing on one of them makes others grow or decline.

Our involvement in network marketing can have a positive impact on each of the six aspects that drive happiness. Most companies offer great health products, which enhances our health. When we attend seminars, our personal growth and relationships are positively affected. You meet people you never met before who share a vision similar to yours. You learn things you never learned before in school or at your job. This makes you grow, become a better person, and think outside the box.

Joining a network marketing team can help you improve the most important aspects of your life starting in your first month. These aspects greatly affect your level of happiness.

Who told you money came first? We have a saying in network marketing: “People join for the money, but stay for the relationships.”

What we need to understand is that money is a consequence of decisions and related actions.

Ten years ago I started reflecting on how network marketing and happiness interrelate. I found out that our profession boosts happiness in many ways, not only financially. In fact, for most people financial success in our business happens last and not first. It comes as a consequence of their actions and personal development. They first had to become healthier, establish new relationships, and put themselves on a more or less steep learning curve—before they started to see significant income.

If you want to win in this business and find success and happiness, you need to understand the formula be, do, have.

As much as you work on your business, you have to work on yourself in order to be someone people want to follow. You have to do the right things in order to get to the point where you will have what you always wanted.

Unfortunately, most people have the formula backwards.

They think, “If I had the money/charisma/luck that guy has, I would do great things and be successful as well.”

The path to happiness lies in personal growth, in who you are willing to become. Growing into someone with great health, personal mastery, and excellent relationship skills is what drives success. This kind of success is more like total fulfillment.

Money can’t buy you happiness, but you can develop yourself into a happy person. Network marketing can help you do this, and if you commit to it, money and fulfillment will follow.

DR. SVEN GOEBEL has been a full-time network marketer for more than two decades. He is the creator of The Happiness Circle, an online community of people committed to creating happiness through network marketing.