Happiness is being content with your progress on your journey to success in business and in life.

The world’s systems create a culture of competition.

Look at the iPhone. You never knew you wanted the new model until you saw your friend had it, right?

Look at our idols and icons. The pressure and push to be perfect sometimes overtakes their character and core beliefs.

Take Lance Armstrong, for instance. When Oprah asked him if he would have won the Tour de France seven times if he hadn’t used performance-enhancing drugs, he said, “Doubtful.”

Can you imagine the pressure he faced to keep up his persona and status?

Many of us get caught in the trap of comparison and competition. I know I have. In the past, I’ve compared myself to leaders and speakers, trying to figure out how I could learn to talk like them, train like them, or lead like them.

I’ve come to realize that the only person I should be competing with is myself; that the only thing I should be working on is becoming the best version of me I can be, and being the best leader I can be. My whole focus should be on my goals, and growth along the way.

When we compare ourselves to others, we waste valuable energy and risk overlooking our own potential and opportunities for growth.

While trying to emulate someone else’s accomplishments, we may be missing our calling because we aren’t doing what we are meant to do. We may have been given a special talent to do something else—but perhaps we’re missing it as our focus is on the wrong things. We are too distracted to notice the gifts in front of us because we are too busy focusing on what others have been given.

If we want to be truly happy, we need to stop struggling, striving, comparing, and competing. Comparison is the death of contentment. Competition takes you captive. Focus on your calling and you will experience true happiness and freedom—in business and in life.

SARAH FAIRLESS ROBBINS became a 7-figure
earner in network marketing in her twenties.
A former educator, Sarah is author of
Rock Star Recruiting School and
a board member of the ANMP.
She and her husband Phil live in Michigan
and are supportingchildren through a foundation
funded by their network marketing business.