Network marketing is a great business model that can be used in different ways. We can create a secure financial future for ourselves and our families by helping others, or we can fall prey to materialism and the allure of selfish, short-term gains that hurt others.

It’s up to us as leaders to help our teams avoid these pitfalls. The key to doing so is to create a culture of high professional standards by educating our teams on why it pays to conduct ourselves this way.

Here are four reasons why it serves us to act professionally:
1) It is the only way to achieve our long-term goals.
There are often two ways to create growth: taking a shortcut, or doing things the right way. Taking a shortcut may be tempting, but it rarely produces lasting results. Frequently remind your teams of their ultimate goal. Is it to make some quick cash and get out, or is it to build a long-term business that can help sustain their families for generations? If your team members really want to enjoy the benefits of ongoing passive income, they must hold themselves to the highest professional standards.

2) Professionalism attracts better prospects.
If your prospecting message is based on hype, you will attract lazy people. The secret to a thriving business is attracting people who are smarter and better connected than you. In order to do so, we must maintain impeccable standards in all our business dealings. If you exude top quality in everything you do, you will attract top quality people.

3) Happiness comes from helping others.
Leaders know that the happiness they derive from network marketing does not come from the money they make. Money comes and goes, and the toys it buys only bring temporary happiness. True happiness comes from helping others and knowing you’ve made someone’s life better. Unethical practices and shortcuts may provide you a short-lived benefit, but they hurt others. Knowing that you’ve taken advantage of others will never bring you lasting happiness.

4) Professionalism and integrity are directly related. Integrity comes from the word integer, which means whole. What it means is that what you believe, what you say, and what you do are one and the same. If you lack integrity, people will doubt your leadership. Your business will slowly crumble, because no one wants to work hard for someone whose character they question.

Can you be truly happy if you are saying one thing and doing another? The best question to ask yourself is, “Would I be proud to share all the details of how I conduct my business with a ten-year-old?”

If you are ashamed to speak openly about your work practices, take the high road and run your business differently. This is the only way to live a happy life and create a legacy that your grandchildren will be proud of!

Simon Chan is a top earner in an international network marking company and the founder of Network Marketing Training Academy. He is the author of Sponsoring 101: Avoid the 5 Deadly Mistakes that Top MLM Income Earners Never Make.