Wired for Connection
Dr. Josephine Gross
In his newest book, The Icarus Deception, Seth Godin says we have transitioned from an industrial economy, based on physical labor, to a connection economy, where the new currency is emotional labor. One reason women are so successful in the new economy is that they make huge emotional deposits into their businesses and their teams. Women do this naturally and intuitively, but there is good news for men: only part of our brain is hardwired by evolution; there is a newer part, the plastic brain, that can easily adapt and change through learned behavior—which is why we dedicate this women’s issue also to the men on our teams.

Leverage Your Feminine Traits
Leslie Zann
To create success in your business, the single most important action you can take is to engage in personal development. Personal development means working on yourself: your dreams, goals, strengths, weaknesses, and your willingness to step into your greatness and live your life to its full potential. How exactly does personal development help us succeed on our business? By allowing us to strengthen and apply our feminine traits (hardwired in women but which men can develop), such as empathy, creativity, love of people, social bonding, and consensus building. This article describes five ways in which personal development enhances these traits to support our business.

Principle-Based Leadership, Part 1
Katie Fredricksen
As a leadership development coach, I have learned the importance of working with principles. They give our lives meaning and direction. They guide us in our actions and decisions. They are the foundation for creating a community in which we can thrive. People are drawn to those who act with integrity, whose values are evident in their actions. Working with principles has helped me create a thriving network marketing business. I work with a principle-driven team, a community of people who attract others with the same values and who take pride in the work they do. This article describes five principles that guide us daily.

Are You My Mentor?
Kimmy Everett
Many network marketing leaders believe in having a mentor—a trusted counselor or guide. Because of their experience, mentors provide insights and guidance into areas we want to grow in. Mentors can appear in many ways. Perhaps you relate well to certain authors; you like their ideas and implement what you learn into your business. Other mentors may be leaders in your organization you feel drawn to and whose success you want to emulate. At some point you may seek out a mentor for one-on-one coaching—someone you heard speak, a leader you respect, someone you’ve met at an event and resonate with. This article offers some tips—and caveats—for finding your trusted guide.

The Dating Game
Debi Granite
Did you give up on dating and marriage the first time things didn’t turn out the way you expected? Of course not! Most of us keep soldiering on, weeding through the good dates, the bad dates, then one day falling in love. Whether we’re looking for a partner in business or in life, we must keep knocking and opening doors. How do we keep up our positive energy when building a team gets tough? This article takes a quick look at what is happening at a neurophysiological level when we bond with others, and offers seven ways to cope with rejection and loss of business partners.

Questions Are the Answer
Nicki and Grace Keohohou
The number one retention tool in network marketing that supports women to lead in a powerful way is coaching, a skill set that can fill the gap between what people know how to do (via training) and what they are actually doing. Coaching is not hand-holding, fixing, or providing all the answers for team members. That, by contrast, can create dependency. For years our profession has trained people and called it “coaching.” It is important to understand the unique differences between the two. This article shows how to instill a sense of belief and confidence within people by applying coaching and asking You’re the Expert questions.

Born to Be Free
We are blessed to live in a world that encourages women to be entrepreneurs, to stand up, speak up, and lead while doing so with feminine grace. Being a successful woman does not preclude our femininity; it is our responsibility to lean into the feminine as a powerful archetype of strength, creativity, intelligence, and intuition. This universal archetype transcends gender and is alive in all of us—men and women alike. When you are grounded in your genuine feminine nature and willing to shine wherever you are, then you are free—free to be everything you have always dreamed of becoming.