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Networking Times. We thank them for their boldness and powerful commitment to their dreams, to their team members and to the networking profession.

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Our Networking Times Lifetime Loyalty Leader for 2012 is

Kody Bateman

Thank you, Kody, for your outstanding and tireless contribution to
our publication and the networking profession.

Lifetime Loyalty Leaders
of the Year

Kody Bateman, 2012
Donna Marie Imson, 2011
Orrin Woodward, 2010
Randy Gage, 2009
Randy Gage, 2008
Evertrue Bell, 2007
Donna Johnson, 2006
Ray Robbins, 2005
Art Jonak, 2004

Lifetime Loyalty Leaders
Corey Citron
Jeffery Combs
Todd Falcone
Dwight Havener
LeeAnn Jackson
Vic Johnson
Laura Kall
Russ Karlen
Sarah Fairless Robbins

Lifetime Members
Jordan Adler
Vicki Arcadi & Jackie Baird
Seta Der Artinian
Ann Barry
Jacki Blasko
Russell & Patsy Bly

Dale Brunner
Nancy Bunn
Art Burleigh
Robert & Bonnie Butwin
Dale Calvert
Chas & Margie Cantlon
Shirley Carmack
John Charleston
Rod & Marcie Cook
Marion Culhane
Michael Cunningham
Rita Davenport
Carol Derenne
Michael Detzler
Tom & Mary Edmunds
John Milton Fogg
Gary & Mary Gillespie
Cheryl Gonzalez
Mack Gordon
Joe Hache
Ruth Hadlock
Gail Hoag
Glenn & Marian Head
Phil & Becky Jacobs
Donna Johnson
Don Karn
Frank Keefer
Wanda Kramer
Jo Delle Landers

Collette Larsen
Gloria Levy
Kian-Guan Lim
Robert Lovell
James MacFarlane
Gregory & Robin Mascari
Keith McEachern
Melisa Pearce
Karen Priemer
Bob & Linda Proctor
Larry & Mary Lou Rairdon
Roxanne Rees
Alyse Reynolds
Nancie Rosenberg
Herman Schoene
George & Dede Shaw
Robert Secrest
Ken Seto
Gail Stolzenburg
Bo Tanas
Ron Thomson
Rick Tonita
Jackie Ulmer
Mary Van Dyke
Zvone Vodnik
Lisa Wilber
Dennis & Ruth Williams
Jim Winkler
Mark Zuckerbrod

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