Word Find
The answers to the clues may be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards and backwords.

  1. Men are driven by testosterone while women are fueled by _____ .
  2. We have transitioned from an industrial economy to a _____ economy.
  3. Personal development expands our awareness of others’ needs and strengthens our _____ ability.
  4. In order to succeed in your business, become _____ about how you are evolving as a person.
  5. The more we take _____ for our lives, the more power we have.
  6. When looking for a mentor, seek counsel from both _____ .
  7. Network marketing is about growing people, and women are great at this because we are _____ .
  8. Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead are a mother-and-daughter team who co-authored The ____ CEO.
  9. No one likes to be_____ , but everyone wants to know about new products.
  10. According to Christy Maltman-Nur, women often _____ their talents or don’t see their strengths as strengths.
  11. Network marketing is an opportunity to _____ our feminine traits.
  12. Women in ____ countries experience challenges due to cultural and religious dictates.
  13. ____ may be irritating, but we can learn a lot from their determination.
  14. When talking to strangers, women get _____ very quickly.
  15. When building a home business, our workplace can seem _____.
  16. In a time when our nation’s fiscal cupboard may seem bare, our business creates _____.
  17. If you want to build a successful and fulfilling business, be sure to use both _____ of your brain.
  18. Networking groups can serve social and _____ as well as professional needs.
  19. When bringing on a new business partner, we experience a neurophysiological response known as _____.
  20. The number one retention tool in network marketing that supports women to lead is _____.

Puzzle Answers